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LaunchPAD (Public Art Duo) Program, Austin, Texas

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Budget: $15,000
Activated: 11/30/2016
Deadline: 12/31/2020
Call Summary
The LaunchPAD Program (PAD = Public Art Duo) provides an opportunity for local artists to gain technical and administrative expertise needed to compete within the field of public art while providing services benefiting a public art project. This program is meant to be a professional development opportunity for local artists interested in a career in public art.

When will a LaunchPAD Artist be included in a project?
It is a goal for each project with a budget over $200,000 to include a LaunchPAD Artist, as determined feasible by Art in Public Places (AIPP) staff and approved by the AIPP Panel and Arts Commission.
Budget Description
The funding source for each LaunchPAD Artist’s contract will come from the 2% percent for art portion of eligible funding from the sponsor project, with the understanding that each permanently commissioned work of public art requires a design phase and a fabrication/installation phase.

The LaunchPAD Artist will contract directly with the City for this opportunity. The artist will be paid a fee for the work and will have a limited travel allowance for at least one trip during the design or fabrication phase, as determined in collaboration with City staff and the commissioned artist.

1. The LaunchPAD artist will be paid a flat fee of $15,000 per project, divided into milestone payments defined in the contract, which is inclusive of all time and project related costs including insurance; coordination, research, project assistance in the design, fabrication, coordination and installation of artworks; creation of final reports; and possible participation in artist talks or exhibition of work at the end of the project.

2. A travel allowance is available to support a studio visit, a trip to the fabricator or other as determined by the scope of the artwork project, in collaboration with the commissioned artist and City staff. Travel expenses must be in accordance with current General Services Office rates for the travel destination.
Project Description
What will a LaunchPAD Artist be asked to do?
The length of the LaunchPAD Artist contract will mirror the length of the commissioned artist’s total project duration. There is no expectation that an artwork will be created by the LaunchPAD Artist through this program. The LaunchPAD Artist will focus on tasks such as:

» Coordination of, and attendance at, meetings - public, boards and commissions and project-specific meetings;
» Create a Work Plan outlining goals and tasks associated with the project
» Conducting research + writing memos/reports regarding materials, design issues, permitting and local building codes;
» Providing assistance, as agreed with the commissioned artist, in the design, fabrication, and installation of artworks;
» Participation in a minimum of one studio or fabricator visit with the commissioned artist, during design and/or fabrication;
» Support of the commissioned artist in accessing the Austin artist and artisan community;
» Other duties as agreed with the commissioned artist that relate to the design, fabrication and installation of the artwork; and
» Production of 2 reports - the LaunchPAD artist is responsible for reporting about the program, describing how the process is functioning, documenting work accomplished, describing the key concepts or lessons learned, getting feedback from the commissioned artist on how the process continues and what the commissioned artist felt the LaunchPAD artist contributed to the project, and summarizing how this experience may contribute to the next steps in the LaunchPAD artist’s public art career.

What will the commissioned artist be asked to do?
Within the contract for the design and the commission, the commissioned artist will commit to collaborating with the LaunchPAD Artist to support their growth as a public artist by:
» Maintaining open communication with the LaunchPAD Artist on the project throughout the length of the contract;
» Engaging the LaunchPAD Artist in work, as defined above, that will provide benefits to the public art project as well as support furthering the LaunchPAD Artist’s career in public art;
» Scheduling and fully participating in a minimum of one studio visit with LaunchPAD Artist, during design and/or fabrication; and
» Providing feedback for the final report to the LaunchPAD Artist regarding the process and the LaunchPAD Artist’s participation in the overall project.

Artwork Goals
Program goals include:
» Expand ways to attract new and emerging public artists to participate in the City of Austin’s public art program;
» Provide opportunities for local artists to gain more technical and administrative expertise in public art; and
» Grow the City of Austin public artist talent pool, creating a more solid foundation for Austin public artists as they apply for public art projects locally, nationally and internationally.
Artwork Location Description
Depends on each specific project. There is no expectation that the LaunchPAD artist will create artwork in association with this project.
Site History
Depends on each specific project.
Mid-career and emerging professional visual artists who have resided in the Austin metro area, including Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Burnet and Blanco counties, for a minimum of one (1) year, and who have a strong interest in gaining expertise in the public art process are encouraged to apply. Artist must be at least 18 years old.

• Demonstration of some prior work in the public realm is required.
• Artists working in all media are eligible.
• This opportunity is open only once to any given artist - artists who receive a LaunchPAD Artist contract will be removed from the pool of eligible LaunchPAD Artists.

Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5
Letter of Interest: 600 word maximum
The letter of interest should describe why you are interested in a career in public art and what public art intervention(s) you have created to date. In addition when uploading each image or video, you must enter a description of the work depicted, clearly defining your role in the creation of the depicted work; name(s) of collaborator(s) in the creation of the work depicted; what year was the work completed; and the monetary cost or budget of the work.
References: 3
Artists are NOT allowed to apply in teams.
Additional Requirements
Demographics Questionnaire Agreement/Certification
Selection Information
Selection Process
Applications will be accepted on a continuous recruitment basis. Artists who meet the eligibility requirements, and successfully submit all the required materials, will be included in a LaunchPAD Artist Pool for consideration for future projects. When a public art project includes a LaunchPAD Artist, a selection panel made up of the
• the commissioned artist;
• a member of the AIPP Panel; and
• the Arts Commission Liaison to the AIPP Panel
The selection panel will review the LaunchPAD applications submitted to date, including letter of interest, images of recent and relevant work, resume(s), and other information submitted by applicants.
They may choose to hold interviews. They will select a LaunchPAD Artist and an alternate for the project.
Selection Criteria
Selection will be made on the merit of the application and the potential for compatible artistic alliance with the commissioned public artist. The selected LaunchPAD Artist will be put under contract with the City of Austin. The selection panel will consider the following evaluation criteria in their review of the applications:
» artistic merit and expressed interest in pursuing a public art career;
» expressed interest in working with a commissioned artist;
» potential to successfully collaborate as a LaunchPAD Artist for a public art project; and
» demonstrated experience working on at least one public art project, or an art project set in the public realm. An artwork may be considered as a work of public art if it fits one or more of the criteria below.
• It evolved through an idea exchange with others.
• It is/was site-specific and/or integrated into a site.
• It is/was focused on social practice in response to current events or cultural stimulus.
• It is/was set in a location that seeks response from viewers who may not have a particular interest in art.
Applications will be accepted on a continuous recruitment basis and reviewed as opportunities arise.
Additional Resources
LaunchPAD (Public Art Duo) Program Policy (PDF)
Contact Information
Marjorie Flanagan
Project Manager
201 E. 2nd St
Austin Texas 78701 United States



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