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Experimental Sciences Building II, Texas Tech University


Budget: $754,000
Activated: 02/08/2017
Deadline: 03/23/2017
Call Summary
The Texas Tech University System seeks to commission a professional artist to create site-specific exterior sculpture(s) to be placed outside the new Experimental Sciences Building II, located at the Texas Tech University campus, located in Lubbock, TX. Construction of the new facility will be completed by January 2019.

Please see the full RFQ, image attachments, and a sample contract at

Make sure all images submitted include work that you have created or that is in progress. Do NOT include proposed pieces that were not accepted. Also, include budgets of past projects.

Budget Description
All inclusive
Project Description
Original commission
Artwork Goals
The Experimental Sciences Building II will be a multidisciplinary research facility designed to serve teams of faculty researchers and their students from such diverse disciplines as chemistry, physics, and engineering. The new building will allow scientists from different disciplines to work together to solve problems.

Safety is imperative; durable, low-maintenance materials are recommended to withstand West Texas’ intense weather conditions. The northeast area of the building is a designated green space and public art will serve to enhance the exterior of the building from multiple points of view. The green space should encourage gathering, communication, and occupation of exterior spaces by students, and public art at this location has an opportunity to contribute significantly to these goals. Ideal submissions should incorporate multiple elements in the space. This piece should be outdoors and available to the community. Water features are highly discouraged, but the selected artist will have an opportunity to collaborate with landscape architects for the project.

Among relevant concepts to consider are collaboration, inquiry, rigor, structure, curiosity, and science themes that are not too specific to one field. This will be a multi-disciplinary facility, so public art needs to have broad STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) appeal. Any concepts that may be considered polemic or political should be avoided. Also, science stereotypes (such as lab coats, virus structures, etc.) should be avoided. Artists should attempt to create a design that speaks to the diversity of research that takes place in a facility such as the Experimental Science Building II.

Public art near this location include “Square Spiral Arch” by Jesús Moroles and “Astrolabe” by Owen Morrel (see photos in additional resources). Please keep in mind both sculptures are associated with the first Experimental Sciences Building.

In order to be considered, submissions must comply with the requirements outlined in this document. Objects that are mass-produced or of standard manufacture are not eligible for consideration.
Artwork Location Description
Site-specific exterior sculpture(s) to be placed outside the new Experimental Sciences Building II (see additional resources for location images).
Site History
Founded in 1923 as Texas Technological College, Texas Tech University has the distinction of being the largest comprehensive higher education institution in the western two-thirds of the state of Texas. Texas Tech’s campus boasts a strong tradition of Spanish Renaissance architecture, characterized by light-colored brick structures with stone accents and red tile roofs. More information about the architectural traditions of Texas Tech can be found at .

The Texas Tech University System’s Public Art Program was initiated by the Board of Regents as an investment in the campus environment and an extension of Texas Tech’s educational mission. The Public Art Committee, with the Director for Public Art, commissions original public artworks of the highest quality, be they permanently sited, portable, or architecturally integrated. These works are funded using one percent (1%) of the estimated total cost of each new major capital project. Since 2001, the Public Art Program has commissioned or purchased artworks by some of today’s leading artists, including Deborah Butterfield, Terry Allen, Barbara Grygutis, Larry Kirkland, Bruce Munro, Jesús Moroles, Owen Morrel, Shan Shan Sheng, and numerous others.

The Experimental Sciences Building II will provide approximately 117,000 gross square feet of flexible, open, and modular high-tech interdisciplinary research laboratories, principal research investigator offices, core instrumentation facilities, and support space to foster Texas Tech's growing research enterprise. The core instrumentation facilities will house needed state-of-the-art instruments and support for research in areas of state and national need that is being conducted by the larger campus research and development community. The project will also provide essential research laboratory space characterized by an interdisciplinary "institute" environment. The proposed building location is near the current Experimental Sciences Building.

The goal of having researchers from divergent fields working under the same roof is to promote collaboration and a concomitant enrichment of research in the sciences in general, while the availability of modern research laboratory space that can be rapidly configured for various research projects will allow Texas Tech to attract top researchers.

To learn more about the Texas Tech University College of Arts & Sciences, visit:

Finalists will develop a design concept that reflects the standards and culture of Texas Tech specific to the Experimental Sciences Building II, and will prepare presentation materials, drawings, a model, and related specifications in sufficient detail and in the format required to convey the design intent.
All professional artists are eligible. See sample contract in additional resources.
Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5 - 15
Artist Statement: 500 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 500 word maximum
Please describe your initial impressions of and projected approach to this public art project for the Experimental Sciences Building II. Specifically, please address your thoughts on location and medium and, if applicable, discuss any projects for which you used a similar approach (limit to 250-500 words).
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Attachment A (Cover Sheet) PDF Form
Concept Sketch Document Upload
Selection Information
Selection Process
Texas Tech will select the Artist that best meets the requirements, based on the information contained in their response to the Request for Qualifications, any reference checks conducted, and the information presented during any interviews conducted as part of the selection process.
Selection Criteria
Specifically, in the selection of finalists, Texas Tech University System and its University Public Art Committee will review and consider the following:

1.The conceptual basis for the Artist’s body of work as defined in the written statement.
2.The quality – technical and aesthetic – of the artist’s past work as represented in the image submissions, as well as budgets that the artist has worked with.
3.The experience of the artist in successfully designing, fabricating, administering, and completing public art projects and/or custom architectural elements on time and in budget.
4.The artist’s training and education.
5.The quality and comprehensiveness of the submission package.

After evaluating the artists’ submissions, Texas Tech will narrow the pool of applicants to approximately two to five finalists to develop a design and model for presentation to the University Public Art Committee in Lubbock, Texas. Each finalist will be paid an honorarium not to exceed $3000 for the development of their Design Proposal and to facilitate travel for the presentation. The model will not be returned to the artist if they are selected.

The Design Proposals will be subject to review and acceptance by Texas Tech University System’s University Public Art Committee, the President of Texas Tech University, and the Chancellor of the Texas Tech University System.
Post RFQ: February 8, 2017
Written Inquiries must be received by: March 1, 2017
Responses to Inquiries: March 3, 2017
Submissions due by: 3:00 PM, CDT, March 23, 2017 (NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ARE ACCEPTED)
Finalist(s) selected and notified: April 2017
Finalist(s) design Presentations: May/June 2017
Commission awarded: TBD
Project Completion: January 2019
Additional Resources
Renderings + Site Images (PDF)
TTU Sample Contract (PDF)
Contact Information
Emily Wilkinson
Director of Public Art
Box 42014
Lubbock Texas 79409 United States



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