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SCOPE Park mural - Santa Cruz - Request for Qualifications


Budget: $20,000
Activated: 06/03/2017
Deadline: 06/23/2017 7:00 PM Central Time
Call Summary
With the current artist’s blessing, the Santa Cruz Arts Commission voted in February of 2017 to replace the Moonlight Dance mural at SCOPE Park near the clock tower and commission a new mural with the theme “Inclusivity” in homage to the original mural by Peter Bartczak, installed there in 1993.

The selected artist/artist team hired will work closely with the City’s Arts Program Manger as well as Parks Staff – from design, through installation to a final dedication celebration.

The selected artist/artist team will be required to hold at least one neighborhood/business district meeting to gain feedback on their final design. The Arts Program Manager will assist the selected artist/artist team in an appropriate location and time for such a meeting.

The Santa Cruz Arts Commission will review the final design in a public hearing, currently scheduled for August 9, 2017 at 6:00pm.

Tentative timeline:
June 2 – Post call
June 23 – RFQ deadline
June 30 – Finalists selected
July 7 – Finalist’s proposals due
July 12 – Final design selected
July 15 – Party at SCOPE park with Peter and unveiling of new design for feedback
Budget Description
Two to three (2-3) finalists will be asked to produce a detailed proposal for the project. Each selected finalist/finalist team will be given an honorarium of $600 to create a detailed proposal.

The City will arrange for the wall to be powerwashed prior to installation.

The selected artist/artist team is responsible for any additional wall preparation and for the installation of a final anti-graffiti coating on first 8 feet from the ground up (to help protect the area that is within reaching-distance for vandalism.)
Project Description
The goal is the installation of a unique mural that welcomes local residents and visitors to Santa Cruz and celebrates the inclusive spirit that makes Santa Cruz a special place.

The final design should represent “inclusivity” and also honor the values of the Arts Commission which include the following: Quality of Life, Accessibility, Vibrancy and Collaboration.

While not required, the artist/artist team may propose processes that energize the community to participate in the project and/or re-imagine our city.

The project site is one retaining wall that is 55 feet long and 13 feet high (715 square feet.)
Artwork Goals
A mural project that celebrates the inclusive and welcoming nature of Santa Cruz – drawing inspiration from the prior mural, titled “Moonlight Dance” by Peter Bartzack. (The full text of a letter blessing the new project by Mr. Bartzack can be read on the City Arts website here: )
Artwork Location Description
This wall at SCOPE Park is one of the most visible in the City - at the corner of North Pacific Ave and Water Street - and is a gateway to downtown. The wall that the mural will be placed on is 55 feet long and 13feet high (715 square feet.)

Currently, the property is designated as a park and the draft Parks Master Plan 2030 identifies the park including a new mural. The draft Parks Master Plan 2030 has not been formally adopted by the Parks and Recreation Commission yet, though has been discussed in many meetings. The decision to deaccession Moonlight Dance and install a new mural themed “Inclusivity” was presented to the Parks Commission for their consent and passed unanimously.

Site History
Moonlight Dance was installed by Peter Bartczak in 1993 and depicts a variety of people with varied shapes and abilities, dancing together in the moonlight. The mural is located at what is now called SCOPE Park. This park was informally called Scribner Park in honor of Tom Scribner after a statue of him was placed there. The park was reconfigured after a history of vandalism and illegal activities at the location and the Tom Scribner's statue at the site was moved further south on Pacific Avenue near Locust Street. SCOPE is an acronym for the “Santa Cruz Organization for Progress and Euthenics”- which means the study of methods for improving human well-being.

Last spring, teacher Kathleen Crocetti directed Mission Hill middle school students in installing a large mosaic mural approximately 200 feet long just above SCOPE Park along the retaining wall. This mosaic depicts the original historic mission and includes the California State seal, swirling designs and monarch butterflies.

Open to all artist(s) living in Santa Cruz County.
Application Requirements
Resume: 1 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5 - 10  
  • Image dimensions: 1200 x 1200 pixels
  • Video dimensions: 720 x 480 (width x height) pixels in formats ()
Artist Statement: 300 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 500 word maximum
1) Artistic style or approach 2) Any special techniques you may use 3) Why you are specially drawn to mural projects (vs. other art forms)
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process
Per our policy, the artist selection panel will be comprised of:
• Two (2) Arts Professionals - preferably mural artists
• Three (3) Neighborhood or Business District Residents (who may be arts professionals)
• Two-three (2-3) Reps. of the Arts Commission
• If maintained by City: One (1) Rep. from that dept.
• One City Councilor, as available
Selection Criteria
1) The artistic merit of past work
2) Demonstrated ability to manage a large outdoor art installation on time and within budget
3) Demonstrated understanding of the site and surroundings
Tentative timeline:
June 2 – Post call
June 23 – RFQ deadline
June 30 – Finalists selected
July 7 – Finalist’s proposals due
July 12 – Final design selected
July 15 – Farewell party at SCOPE park with Peter (artist of Moonlight Dance) and unveiling of new design for feedback
Additional Resources
Moonlight Dance photo 1 (JPG)
Moonlight Dance photo 2 (JPG)
Moonlight Dance photo 3 (BMP)
Contact Information (for questions about the details of this call. For site questions email us.)
Beth Tobey
Arts Manager
337 Locust St
Santa Cruz CA 95060 United States
Delivery Information
Applications will NOT be accepted by Postal Mail
Do NOT send applications by email.