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Santa Cruz call for Sculpture (sculpTOUR) - DEADLINE EXTENDED


Budget: $10,000
Activated: 06/08/2017
Deadline: 07/06/2017 7:00 PM Central Time
Call Summary
City Arts Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Arts Commission are pleased to invite sculptors to submit proposals for sculpTOUR - our rotating display of sculpture downtown Santa Cruz. Custom made site-specific works selected will be on display for up to four years. At the time of installation the sculptures must be available for purchase.

The artist is responsible for installation.
Budget Description
The City of Santa Cruz will provide each selected artist up to $10,000 for original site-specific work. Typically, for work already created, the honorarium will be around $1,500. Honorarium amount will depend on installation cost, materials cost and if the work is already fabricated or custom made. Selected artists must provide a budget outlining costs as part of the contract negotiation. A small stipend may be provided for refining a proposal, if needed.
Project Description
Please submit a basic narrative and sketch of your proposal. If the piece is already made, submit photos and clearly mark what you are proposing (vs. photos of other work in your portfolio.) A small stipend may be provided for refining a proposal or creating a maquette, if needed.

The finished sculpture must be of suitable scale for outdoor public art, free standing and of high artistic quality. We are seeking work that fits within our landscaping beds.

LOCATION: The location for placement is 1224 Pacific Ave in front of Pacific Trading Company. The last piece there was a large kinetic pendulum by Aaron Van de Kerckhove- see photos attached. The existing pedestal is 90" X 32" X 6" inches. The long edge faces/parallels the street. A new pedestal may be installed if needed, depending on budget to be negotiated.

The artwork should require minimum maintenance and be able to withstand the effects of weather, be as resistant as possible to vandalism, able to withstand possible pedestrian contact and not impede either walking or driving traffic and be safe (e.g. sharp edges or moving parts that could pinch someone.)

Sculpture will be “on loan” to the City during the exhibition period and must be available for sale to the public. There will be a 20% Gallery Fee paid to the Santa Cruz City Arts program for any sculpture sold while on exhibit.

Needed pedestal and mounting will be determined after the piece is selected. The artist is responsible for installation. If a new pedestal is needed, that budget will be negotiated with the artist – which may or may not be included in the honorarium.

It is the artist’s responsibility to deliver and install the sculpture at the specified site in unless other arrangements have been made with the City Arts Manager, and then remove the work from the site at the end of the exhibition period. Please note that pieces will need to be placed in raised landscaping beds - which will require lifting or lifting system.

The Santa Cruz Arts Committee reserves the right to reject work that, when completed differs from the original proposal, or does not meet standards of durability and quality.

Each sculptor will enter into a contract (see sample contract) with the City of Santa Cruz for sculpture that will be on loan to the city for the display period.
Artwork Goals
To enrich and enliven the experience of visitors to our downtown, sculptures are placed in the landscaping boxes along Pacific Street. While there is some lighting, please note that dark or monochromatic pieces may not be as visible due to shade and trees.
Artwork Location Description
Downtown planter boxes on east side of Pacific Street in a busy retail corridor.

Existing pedestal is 90" X 32" X 6" inches. The long edge faces/parallels the street.
Site History
Downtown Santa Cruz is a busy shopping district with a variety of visitors and locals. Vandalism is an ongoing problem, albeit generally minor and easy to clean up.
Artists residing in California.
Application Requirements
Resume: 1 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 1 - 10  
  • Image dimensions: 1200 x 1200 pixels
  • Video dimensions: 720 x 480 (width x height) pixels in formats (MOV,MP4,WMV)
Artist Statement: 300 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 500 word maximum
Please clearly and succinctly summarize the following: 1) Your proposal or concept; 2) The materials and medium in which you work; 3) The subject of your work; 4) The artists, theories, and methodologies that influenced your work(if any) 5) Your own personal perspective or background; and, 6) Anything else you think is relevant to this specific call.
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process
This selection panel is typically composed of the following:
• One to two (1-2) city staff from the department that is funding the project and/or responsible to maintain the work of art;
• One to two (1-2) representatives of the Arts Commission; and,
• One to two (1-2) community representatives who may also be artists.
Selection panel members must follow guidelines and recuse themselves if there is a conflict of interest. Panelists with known conflicts of interest will not be included on the selection panel.
Selection Criteria
Selection Criteria
• Artistic Excellence and Strength of Proposal and/or Previous Work
• Level of Civic Interactivity and Audience Engagement
• Appropriateness and Durability of Materials
• Supports the Vision, Mission and Values of the Santa Cruz Arts Commission (
Timeline Schedule
DEADLINE - July 3, 2017, 5:00PM (central) EXTENDED DEADLINE - July 6, 2017, 7:00PM (central)
July 14, 2017 - Artists will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision regarding proposal.
July-August 2017- Sculpture must be installed by August 18, 2017 unless a later date is agreed upon with the City Arts Manager. (We understand that custom pieces may take longer to produce.)
Additional Resources
Pendulum by Aaron Van de Kerckhove (JPG)
Other downtown sculpTOUR art (JPG)
Contact Information (for questions about the details of this call. For site questions email us.)
Beth Tobey
Arts Manager
337 Locust St
Santa Cruz CA 95060 United States
Delivery Information
Applications will NOT be accepted by Postal Mail
Do NOT send applications by email.