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TEMPO 2018 - temporary public art, Austin, TX


Budget: $10,000
Activated: 01/16/2018
Deadline: 03/15/2018 5:00 PM Central Time
Call Summary
The City of Austin’s Art in Public Places (AIPP) program of the Cultural Arts Division, Economic Development Department, seeks proposals from professional visual artists or artist teams to design, fabricate, install and de-install short-term or time-based exterior artworks in City-owned sites within Parks and Recreation Department land and facilities, and Austin Public Library Department land.

For the second year, the TEMPO 2018 program will culminate in a temporary public art festival, which will be a registered group exhibition during East Austin Studio Tour in November. The TEMPO festival is planned to be located in Edward Rendon Sr. Park, located along Ladybird Lake just east of I-35.

The intent for the temporary public art program is to promote tourism, cultivate curiosity, spark imagination, engage the community in a meaningful dialogue about public art, foster work by local artists and cultivate exploration of the City of Austin. Artists are encouraged to create artworks that reflect the district in which they select to exhibit and design artworks that can be easily installed and de-installed.

The City of Austin requests proposals from professional artists and designers who live and work in Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Burnet, and Blanco counties are eligible to apply.
Budget Description
The funds for this project are derived from the Hotel Occupancy Tax. A maximum amount of $10,000 is available for each public art project. Ten commissions are expected to be awarded. No additional funds may be applied. Budget will include re-installation for a nine-day festival in November during the East Austin Studio Tour.

The selected artists or artist teams will be responsible for development of a final budget to encompass all costs, including design, fabrication, installation and de-installation, engineering, permitting, insurance, foundations or attachment methods and any landscaping around the piece as part of installation or de-installation. A sample budget sheet can be found online at:
Project Description
One commission is expected to be awarded in each of ten City Council Districts. Artists may select from a pre-approved list of City-owned sites listed at the end of this document.
» Artists will propose their artwork site, with the understanding that artwork may be relocated to a different site within a district, or to a different district altogether.
» All artworks will be re-sited in Edward Rendon Sr. Park for the TEMPO Festival. The festival will be a registered group exhibition during East Austin Studio Tours. Artists must budget for the second installation costs.

Artists’ proposals should take various factors into consideration including weather, durability of materials, appropriateness to the public realm, safety, neighborhood and stakeholder input, etc.

» Each proposal will be reviewed by the user department and any community stakeholder group for concept, placement, duration, safety, durability, and materials prior to the Selection Panel recommendations.

» The artwork must not impede traffic, pedestrian right-of-way, safety, line of sight, normal business operations, critical root zone of trees, or any other potentially hazardous conditions.
» The artwork proposals are intended for exterior environments only, must require little to no maintenance, be made of durable materials and be safe for a public setting.
» No poured concrete may be used for any installations. AIPP recommends temporary methods of attachment such as Diamond Piers TM, Earth Anchors TM, rebar, or threaded rods with washers and nuts.

The commissioned artist or artist teams are responsible for installation, de-installation and site restoration. The artist or artist team is responsible for any repair of the artwork due to vandalism or other wises during the contracted exhibition period. If the artist or artist team does not repair the artwork in a timely manner, the City reserves the right to remove the artwork at the artist or artist team’s expense.
Artwork Goals
The goal of the Art in Public Places Program is to commission works of art and art projects of redeeming quality that advance the public’s understanding of visual art, enhance the aesthetic quality of public places and increase visitors to the ten City Council Districts of Austin through the exhibition of temporary public art.

Temporary public art plays an important role in attracting new and emerging artists to participate in the city’s public art program, enrich the civic dialogue, engage public spaces in unique ways and cultivate tourism around the arts in Austin. The TEMPO program allows artists or artist teams to explore a range of themes suitable for the outdoor environment and provide the opportunity to create innovative, thought-provoking artworks that impact the way people experience their environment.

Goals of the TEMPO program:
» Expose citizens to contemporary artworks by local artists;
» Foster engagement between artist, artwork and the community;
» Link local artists with resources and city assistance to develop skills and experience;
» Facilitate public discussion, civic dialogue, and collaborative partnering for programming;
» Promote new interest and increased participation in, and focus on, public art;
» Promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry through arts activity.
Artwork Location Description
List of Pre-Approved Sites
Parkland, Recreation Centers and Libraries

District 1:
• Rosewood Park - 2300 Rosewood Ave, 78702
• Springdale Neighborhood Park - 1175 Nickols Ave, 78721
• Givens District Park - 3811 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78721
• Dottie Jordan Park – 2803 Loyola Ln. 78723
• J.J. Seabrook Greenbelt - 1901 Palo Pinto Drive, 78723
• Delores Duffie Recreation Center – 1182 N. Pleasant Valley Road, 78702
• Dottie Jordan Recreation Center – 2803 Loyola Ln. 78723
• Givens Recreation Center – 3811 E. 12th. St. 78721
• Carver Branch Library – 1161 Angelina St. 78702
• University Hills Branch Library – 4721 Loyola Ln, 78723
• Windsor Park Branch Library – 5833 Westminster Dr. 78723

District 2:
• Dove Springs District Park – 5801 Ainez Dr. 78744
• Springfield Park - E William Cannon Dr, 78744
• Grand Meadow Park - 8022 Thaxton Rd, 78747
• Dittmar District Park - 1009 W Dittmar Rd., 78748
• Armadillo Park, 910 Armadillo Road, 78745
• Onion Creek Metropolitan Park - 8652 Nuckols Crossing Rd, 78744
• Pleasant Hill Branch Library – 211 E. William Cannon Dr. 78745

District 3:

• Boggy Creek Greenbelt -1114 Nile St, 78702
• Metz Park - 2407 Canterbury St, 78702
• Rosewood Park - 2300 Rosewood Ave, 78702
• Austin Animal Center Campus - 7201 Levander Loop Bldg A, 78702
• Mable Davis Park - 3427 Parker Ln, 78741
• Roy G. Guerrero Coorado River Metro Park – 400 Grove Blvd, 78741
• Gillis Neighborhood Park – 2410 Durwood Ave, 78704
• Cepeda Branch Library – 651 North Pleasant Valley Rd, 78702
• Ruiz Branch Library – 1600 Grove Boulevard, 78741

District 4:
• Gustavo “Gus” L. Garcia Recreation Center – 1201 E. Rundburg Ln, 78753
• Little Walnut Creek Branch Library – 835 W. Rundberg Ln. 78758
• St. John Branch Library – 7500 Blessing Ave, 78752
• Bartholomew Park - 5201 Berkman Dr, 78723
• Quail Creek Park - 1101 Mearns Meadow Blvd, 78758
• Brownie Park - 10000 Brownie Dr, 78753
• Ron Rigsby Pocket Park - 1110 Little Elm Park, 78758

District 5:
• Longview Park – 7609 Longview Rd. 78745
• Silk Oak Park – 3200 Silk Oak Dr. 78748
• Garrison Park - 6001 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745
• Joslin Neighborhood Park – 4500 Manchaca Rd, 78745
• Mary Moore Searight Park – 907 West Slaughter Lane, 78748
• South Austin Recreation Center – 1100 Cumberland Rd, 78745
• Manchaca Road Branch Library – 5500 Manchaca Rd. 78745

District 6:
• Pickfair Park – 10904 Pickfair Dr. 78750
• Schroeter Park – 11707 Big Trail, 78759
• Yett Creek Park - 12538 Riata Vista Cir, 78727
• Springswood Park - 9117 Anderson Mill Rd, 78729
• Spicewood Springs Branch Library – 8637 Spicewood Springs Rd, 78759

District 7:
• Brentwood Park – 6710 Arroyo Seco, 78757
• Wooten Park - 1500 Dale Dr, 78757
• Balcones Park – 12017 Amherst Dr, 78759
• Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park - 7000 Ardath St, 78757
• Milwood Branch Library – 12500 Amherst Dr. 78727
• North Village Branch Library – 2505 Steck Ave. 78757
• Yarborough Branch Library – 2200 Hancock Dr. 78756

District 8:
• Gaines Creek Park – 4801 Republic of Texas Blvd. 78735
• Convict Hill Quarry Park – 6511 Convict Hill Rd. 78749
• Danny G. McBeth Recreation Center – 2401 Columbus Dr. 78746
• Austin Nature & Science Center – 2389 Stratford Dr. 78746
• Hampton Branch Library at Oak Hill – 5125 Convict Hill Rd. 78749

District 9:
• Big Stacy Park – 700 E Live Oak St. 78704
• Little Stacy Park - 1800 Alameda Dr. 78704
• Pease Park – 1100 Kingsbury St. 78705
• Wooldridge Square Park – 900 Guadalupe St. 78701
• Hancock Recreation Center – 811 E. 41st. 78751
• Mexican American Cultural Center – 600 River St. 78701
• Twin Oaks Branch Library – 1800 5th St. 78704

District 10:
• Johnson Creek Greenbelt – 2001 Enfield Rd. 78703
• Reed Park – 2600 Pecos St. 78703
• Perry Playground Park -4900 Fairview Dr. 78731
• Ramsey Park – 4301 Rosedale Ave. 78756
• Great Hills Park – 10801 Sierra Oaks, 78759
• Bull Creek Park - 6701 Lakewood Dr, 78731
• Howson Branch Library – 2500 Exposition Blvd.
• Old Quarry Branch Library – 7051 Village Center Dr. 78731
Professional visual artists at least 18 years of age living and working in Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Burnet and Blanco counties are eligible to apply. Artists who have not received a public art commission before are encouraged to submit proposals for consideration.

Only one proposal per artist or artist team will be accepted (an artist may not apply as an individual and as a team member on separate projects). Incomplete or late applications will be disqualified.

Eligible to apply:
• Artists currently under contract with AIPP
• Temporary City of Austin employees

Ineligible to apply:
• Full-time, permanent City of Austin employees
• Artist or artist teams who have received two previous TEMPO commissions, either as an individual or team
Application Requirements
Resume: 1 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 10
Artist Statement: 200 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 700 word maximum
Written Narrative of Proposal including relationship of proposal to the location, compatibility with facility or stakeholder groups’ mission and goals, and installation and de-installation methods.
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Demographics Questionnaire Agreement/Certification
In Context Images Document Upload
Schedule Document Upload
Site Selection Document Upload
Materials List Document Upload
Preliminary itemized budget Document Upload
Selection Information
Selection Process
Applications must be received via no later than 5:00 pm, March 15, 2018.

For technical assistance with your application, please contact or 210-701-0775 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm). Artists are encouraged to start the application process as early as possible so that AIPP program staff and/or technical staff have the opportunity to respond to your question(s).
Selection Criteria
The selection of an artist or artist team shall be based on artist qualifications which best meet the requirements contained in the Project Outline.

In addition to the standard AIPP project selection criteria found on the City of Austin’s Art in Public Places website (, the Selection Panel will review and consider the following evaluation criteria:

» Superior artistic merit;
» Responsiveness to the physical and cultural context of the site;
» Ability to engage the community in which the artwork is located;
» Attention to structural soundness and environmentally safe materials;
» Relevance to the stated theme or purpose of the installation, as appropriate;
» Broad viewership, public access, and promotion to Austin’s tourists;
» Stakeholder and User Department approval.
Tuesday, January 16
Request for Proposal (RFP) released

Artist Information Meetings

Thursday, March 15
Deadline for RFP submission

Tuesday, March 28
Selection Panel review of submissions and recommendation of finalists

Monday, April 1
Approval of recommended proposals by AIPP Panel

Monday, April 16
Approval of recommended proposals by Arts Commission

Tuesday, April 17
Recommended finalist announced

April 19 - 30
Artist or artist teams signed under contract

Monday, May 7
Final Design presentation and approval to AIPP Panel

Monday, June 4
Final Design presentation and approval to AIPP Panel

June to August
Fabrication period

September 1 to November 7
Installation and Exhibition at District locations

November 7 to November 19
East Austin Studio Tours installation at Edward Rendon Sr. Park

November 19 to 20
De installation, site restoration and close of contract

Additional Resources
Full RFP (PDF)
Contact Information
Anna Bradley
Art in Public Places Coordinator
201 E. Second Street
Austin TX 78701 United States
Submission Instructions