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"IT'S A WRAP": Call For Artists/Designers


Budget: $2,500
Activated: 03/29/2018
Deadline: 05/03/2018 5:00 PM Central Time
Call Summary
Fulton County Arts & Culture (FCAC) is pleased to announce "IT'S A WRAP", a new public art initiative that seeks to transform service vehicles into mobile public art works. FCAC is seeking proposals for two-dimensional art to be printed on vinyl and wrapped on to its cargo van that will circulate through Fulton County. Artists’ proposals will be selected to be featured on the FCAC cargo van for the duration of at least two years beginning in the spring of 2018.

"IT'S A WRAP" seeks to activate and enhance the streets of Fulton County by deploying mobile works of art. The program strives to achieve the following goals:

• Garner attention to and enthusiasm for public art.
• Create an ideal public canvas to feature the work of talented local two-dimensional artists.
• Animate the streets of Fulton County with vibrantly enhanced vehicles.

Budget Description

The selected artist/team proposal will be awarded a $2,500 honorarium for the design. Fabrication and installation of the art wrap will not be the responsibility of the artist.

Should FCAC elect for the van to remain wrapped for longer than two years, artists will not receive further financial compensation.

Project Description

Local artists/designers are invited to submit original 2-D images of work in any medium Including painting, fiber, mixed media, photography and digital processes for a vinyl art wrap to be printed and placed on FCAC’s Cargo Van. These canvases in motion will enliven the streets of Fulton County bring contemporary art into the lives of residents and passersby.

One design will be selected to be reproduced on the FCAC Cargo Van as a vinyl art wrap that will cover the exterior of the van. Artists must submit designs according to the specifications detailed on page 4 of this document and in consideration of the template on page 7. Selected artists/teams must be available to collaborate with the selected local company that will fabricate and install the wrap on ensuring that designs conform to van specifications. Images of the van can be seen on page 7of this document and examples of wraps in other cities can be seen on page 8.

Artwork Goals

Please note the following IMPORTANT specifications

• Artists may submit up to three proposals for consideration; however, only one proposal can be selected per artist/team.

• In the creation of the artwork, please consider carefully the template on page 7 of this document. Areas of the template in white will be covered with artwork. Designs must conform to the shape of the template, and applicants can download a PSD Photoshop or a PDF for use in Illustrator for accurate placement and submitting with the final application

• Artists may use hi-resolution images of previously created works on canvas, paper, fiber or other artistic mediums that are then placed into Photoshop/Illustrator. Please note that FCAC is not responsible for or obligated to assist applicants in photographing or scanning works.

• In design creation, also keep in mind the angles/structure of the truck.

• Designs must incorporate an 8-inch bleed

•The PSD Photoshop and PDF for Illustrator already have the accurate resolution set. Please do not change the resolution in the downloaded file.

• Artists must submit designs in both JPEG and Photoshop PSD or Illustrator formats detailed below. The JPEG file will be used for review by the selection panel and the
PSD or Illustrator file will be used for printing the actual wrap. Please save final PSD files as CS5 or earlier.

• All application materials must be submitted through (instructions provided below), with the exception of the large format PSD or Illustrator file, which must be submitted through a file sharing application (dropbox, etc.) due to file size or mailed

• The purpose of IT'S A WRAP is to showcase exciting original artwork and graphic design. Proposals that incorporate commercial advertisement for a company, entity, or individual will not be considered.

Artwork Location Description
Artwork will visible on the streets of Fulton County as part of the FCAC cargo van.

This Call for Artist/Designers is open to all professional visual and graphic artists and artist teams over the age of 18 who currently reside in the State of Georgia. Fulton County employees are ineligible to submit for this opportunity.
Application Requirements
Resume: 1 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 1 - 3  
  • Image dimensions: 1200 x 1200 pixels
  • Video submissions are not permitted.
Artist Statement: 200 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 300 word maximum
3.A Letter of Interest briefly expressing interest in the project as well as a description of the approach to the project and the proposed design. The letter should not exceed one page.
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process

1. Completed Application Form (see attached form on page 6). If you would prefer to type the form, please include the full legal name(s) (and another professional name as applicable), mailing address, daytime phone, evening phone, email address, Website (optional).

2. Current CV/Resume, two-page maximum.

3. A Letter of Interest briefly expressing interest in the project as well as a description of the approach to the project and the proposed design. The letter should not exceed one page.

4. Design Proposals: Artists may submit a maximum of three proposals. Original artwork can be created in any medium including painting, fiber, mixed media, photography and digital processes but designs must be submitted in BOTH of the following formats:

a.JPG file at 100 DPI (minimum 800 x 600; maximum 1600 x 1200) for review by the selection committee (submit to

b.Files for the actual truck wrap in one of the following formats: PSD Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator file. Applicants can use the provided files for proper placement and overlay of design on the image of the truck.

5.Annotated Image List: Please include a brief description of each proposal, including title and original medium.
Selection Criteria
• Fulton County and Fulton County Arts & Culture accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of artist submission materials.

• Fulton County and Fulton County Arts & Culture accept no responsibility for costs incurred by the artist in responding to this Call for Artists.

• Selected artist/team will be required to meet contract terms and scope.

• Should the FCAC elect for the van to remain wrapped in artwork
for longer than two years, artists will not receive further financial compensation.

• Design proposals and their copyright will belong to the artists. Fulton County and Fulton County Arts & Culture reserve the right to use the artist design for manufacturing a vinyl print for wrapping and use of any images of selected designs for project promotional purposes. The artist/team will be credited with name and title of piece anywhere the image is used.

• Artist/team is not responsible for vinyl installation or fabrication of design into a vinyl wrap.

• The selected artist/team gives FCAC permission if needed to alter the design to fit van specification as well as relinquishes final approval of layout design on final product.


Please feel free to contact the following FCAC staff members with questions:

Connie Cross, Public Art Community Relations Coordinator,, 404-612-5780

Lisa Tuttle, Public Art Coordinator, , 404-612-5780

March 28, 2018, Announcement of Call for IT'S A WRAP

April 27, 2018, Deadline for Submissions

By May 6, 2018, Art Selection Panel meets to select a proposal

Mid May 2018 Vehicle Wrap Vendor finalized designs for printing

Late May 2018 Fabrication and installation of van wrap by vehicle wrap vendor

June 2018 Showcase event for van wrap

Additional Resources
FULL RFP with Template Images (PDF)
Contact Information (for questions about the details of this call. For site questions email us.)
Connie Cross
141 Pryor Street Suite 2030
Atlanta Georgia 30303 United States
Delivery Information
Applications will NOT be accepted by Postal Mail
Do NOT send applications by email.