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Pianos for Peace

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Budget: $2,000
Activated: 06/20/2018
Deadline: 07/21/2018 5:00 PM Central Time
Call Summary
Fulton County Arts & Culture (FCAC) is partnering with Pianos for Peace (P4P) to unite our communities through mutual fellowship, truth, harmony and the transformative power of music.

P4P’s flagship program, the Pianos for Peace Festival, is a community arts initiative that places artist-created pianos in parks and public spaces throughout Metro Atlanta in fall. Our emphasis will be to ensure the placement of pianos throughout Fulton County. For two weeks in September, the pianos remain outdoors for anyone to play and everyone to enjoy. After the Festival, Pianos for Peace donates the pianos to local schools, healthcare facilities, and community organizations in need.
Budget Description
4 Artists chosen, 1 for each art center with a community piano- Abernathy Arts Center, Aviation Community Cultural Center, Southwest Arts Center & South Fulton Arts Center.Each awarded artist will receive $500 award/ honorarium.
Project Description
We are seeking artists to design and paint the pianos that will be placed throughout Fulton County for the festival. Join our team of Ambassadors for Peace and be a part of the largest community art display initiative in Atlanta.
Artwork Goals

The Pianos for Peace-FCAC guidelines are designed to:

1. Ensure accessibility for all communities who encounter the piano displays
2. Comply with regulations involving permitting, branding and public safety enforced by Fulton County, City of Atlanta and other partners
3. Protect the instruments during design and painting

These Guidelines are Non-Negotiable

• Copyrighted materials, including the images/writings of any other artist(s) or the appropriation of another person’s name and/or likeness are not permitted on the pianos.

• Corporate logos, branding, website URLs and hashtags are not permitted anywhere on the piano at any time, with the exception of Pianos for Peace and select project sponsors. We welcome the artist’s signature in an area designated by Pianos for Peace prior to the painting period.

• Pianos may not contain obscenities, nudity, political messages, religious iconography, and distasteful images.

• All parts of the piano pertaining to the instrument’s sound and functionality must remain intact and unpainted, including but not limited to keys, strings, inner workings, pedal rods, casters, etc.

• Seams may not be covered/painted over, to ensure that our technicians can access the pianos’ internal mechanisms at all times.

• Objects that could be detached or cause harm to individuals may not be attached to the piano, and no part of the piano may be removed at any time.

• Use of spray paint or toxic materials is prohibited at all times, as painting will occur in an indoor space.

• Artists are encouraged to paint the backs of vertical/upright pianos (the soundboard), but no additional materials may be used or attached.

• The use of electric sanders is prohibited. All sanding must be done with a sanding block.

• For maintenance purposes, miscellaneous hardware will be attached to each piano by Pianos for Peace after the painting and before the public installation.

Artwork Location Description
For two weeks in September, the pianos remain outdoors for anyone to play and everyone to enjoy. After the Festival, Pianos for Peace donates the pianos to local schools, healthcare facilities, and community organizations in need.
Application Requirements
Letter of Interest: 1000 word maximum
Briefly Describe the Concept Behind Your Work and answer the following questions: How much time will you need to complete your Piano for Peace? 1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks 5-6 weeks 7-8 weeks 8-9 weeks More than 10 weeks When can you complete your Piano for Peace? (Select all that apply) June July August What days are you available to work on your Piano for Peace? Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. Sun. What times are you available to work on your Piano for peace? Mornings (9AM-12PM) Afternoons (12PM-5PM) Other comments about your availability between June and August:
Artists are NOT allowed to apply in teams.
Additional Requirements
Material Text
Design Preference
Special Requirements Text
Design Form PDF Form
Selection Information
Selection Process
All artists will be notified of their application status no later than August 1, 2018, after a jury composed of Fulton County Arts & Culture leadership, Public Art Committee members, and arts professionals review applications for quality, creativity, diversity, practicality and accessibility.

Selection Criteria


Additional Resources
Design Sample (DOC)
Pianos for Peace Flyer (PDF)
Contact Information (for questions about the details of this call. For site questions email us.)
Kristen Maddox
141 Pryor Street
Atlanta GA 30313 United States
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