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Montclair Center Mural Project


Budget: $36,000
Activated: 08/16/2019
Deadline: 09/16/2019
Call Summary
artCONNECTS is a placemaking public art project focusing on the commission and installation of four murals within downtown Montclair, NJ. Artists are invited to submit original works that reflect the theme, “Love Montclair,” and the rich traditions and dynamic qualities of the community. Chosen Muralists will be notified Oct 1, 2019. All murals are to be completed by December 15, 2019.
For further information, review of Artist Contract, and updates during Call Submission period,
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Budget Description
The artCONNECTS budget covers all artistic costs for four painted murals and a licensing fee. Each mural is allocated a portion of the total budget. Artistic costs for each mural include the chosen artist(s) creative and labor fees, surface preparation, equipment, mural protection/maintenance plan, supplies, travel-related expenses and other associated costs.
Project Description
artCONNECTS is a public art project sponsored by the Montclair Center BID, in partnership with Studio Montclair. The placemaking project is funded by a grant provided by the NJ Main Street program and the Montclair Center Business Improvement District. Four locations have been identified throughout Downtown Montclair for original painted mural Artwork. Locations include a key alleyway, and walls at connection points where art can surprise and delight. Murals are to be temporary, with a five year expected life.

Artist or Team may submit multiple proposals, but each proposal should be submitted separately.
Artwork Goals
The theme for submissions is "Love Montclair." Artists should submit artwork that speaks to what they love about Montclair and this community (creativity, diversity, food, music, shopping, culture, family, streetscape, natural setting, etc.), and that serve to connect areas of downtown Montclair, and/or highlight the important connection between art and community.

o Artwork should contribute to the positive energy of the downtown Montclair community, boost morale, and delight local residents, businesses, and visitors;
o Artwork should beautify the public realm and improve the cultural vibrancy of the district;
o Artwork should contribute to the important themes of the project: Love Montclair, connecting downtown Montclair, and the important connection between art and community;
o Interactive art and Trompe l’Oeil are encouraged where appropriate.
o Artwork must be considered "family-friendly" or suitable for audiences of all ages.
o Mural must be an original, one of a kind, new work. If known images are used, the artist is responsible for obtaining all copyright permission and paying all license fees. Copies of permissions and licenses must be submitted with original project;

Note: Images that are negative, vulgar, violent, hateful, or discriminatory based on race, disability, gender, culture, or religion will not be considered.

Artwork Location Description
Photos of Mural Sites are available at

1) 50 Church Street, Building wall(s) by parking area accessed from South Park Street entrance to Crescent Parking Deck.
Dimensions: Approximately 50’ x 20’, with possibility of using second wall approx.. 21’ x 8’
Note: Building Owners want a significant, large artwork. Projects should use entire space.
Budget: $15,000. Additional $500 for licensing rights. See Artist Agreement.

2) 420 Bloomfield Avenue, Building wall on west side of “Tulip Alley”. Alley connects Bloomfield Avenue with what is currently the South Fullerton Parking Lot (soon to be a parking deck). Tulip Mural is to stay. It is expected that art will extend the length of the alley, but need not fill the wall.
Dimensions: wall is approx. 74’ x 12’ – gains 21” in height over span to right. Wall has four windows and a door. Breakdown of width of wall “panels” from Bloomfield to rear of alley is 4ft 1”, (window 3’10”), 6ft , (window 3’10”), 6ft, (door 3’4”), 15ft 6”, (window 3’10”), 6ft 10”, (window 3’ 10”), 7ft 7”
Note: The central panel provides a great space for a focused piece, but the project should not ignore the smaller panels.
Budget: $8,000 . Additional $500 for licensing rights. See Artist Agreement.

3) 180 Bloomfield Avenue, Building wall on east façade ONLY in area that has previously been painted.
Dimensions: Approximately 13’ x 30’. Mural should be at minimum 13’ x 20’
Note: The location and height of this piece make it visible to high traffic Bloomfield Avenue. The piece will be too high for interaction with pedestrians.
Budget: $10,000. Additional $500 for licensing rights. See Artist Agreement.

4) 219 Glenridge Avenue, Building wall on north façade (by driveway)
Dimensions: Approximately 10’ x 10’.
Note: The primary audience of this piece will be pedestrians.
Budget: $3,000 . Additional $500 for licensing rights. See Artist Agreement.

Site History
Montclair Center, as downtown Montclair, NJ is known, has long been a crossroad. It is where the wilds of the Watchung Mountains met New York City urbanites through the art of George Inness and the Montclair Art Colony in the 1880’s. More recently, it is described as “Where the suburbs meet the city.” Modeled in the early 1900’s as a Garden City, Montclair is known for its easy access to New York City, its natural and architectural beauty, its diversity, its artists, its captains of industry, and its walkable downtown. Montclair Center is a historic district with strong examples of many architectural styles from the last 150 years. It is also the dining capital of New Jersey, New Jersey’s Favorite Arts District, and a National Main Street named Great American Main Street. Montclair is home to the Montclair Art Museum, the Montclair Film Festival, the Montclair Jazz Festival, the Kasser Theatre, George Segal Gallery, the Wellmont Theater, and other arts and cultural institutions. Montclair attracts visitors and residents who value food, arts, culture, and diversity.

Three mural sites are near three different parking decks (one built, one under construction, one under contract). The fourth mural will be on Bloomfield Avenue near the downtown train station. All four murals will help welcome downtown visitors and set the stage for Montclair Center.
This Call for Entries is open to all artists. We encourage local Montclair artists and Studio Montclair members to submit mural proposals. Artists are welcome to submit as a multi-person collaborative group. If applying as a team, please submit one résumé for the team, and split the allotted number of work examples between team members. Artist(s) may submit one proposal for each mural location. Artist(s) must be willing to meet all contractual obligations.
Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 3 - 6
Artist Statement: 500 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 1000 word maximum
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Visual Illustration of Proposed Mural Image/Video Upload
Written Description of Mural Text
Choice of Mural Location
Budget Document Upload
Installation Text
Selection Information
Selection Process
A committee organized by the Montclair Center BID will review submissions. The Mural Selection Panel
will consist of stakeholders for the project, art and design professionals and curators. The Panel will recommend two proposals for each mural site. Building owners who have agreed to have art installed on their buildings will make the final selections.
Selection Criteria
As Placemaking for Downtown Montclair, Mural selections will be based on a combination of artwork design and match to its location, artist reputation and prior works, and adherence to the project theme. Preference will be given to originality and a well-constructed execution plan.
o Once a proposal is selected for a particular alley or wall location, a formal Agreement covering such items as Warranty, Indemnity, Copyright and Licensing will be executed by artist before artist is designated as a project Muralist and work may begin. Artist shall agree to take part in at least two “meet the Artist” events, a possible videography of the project, and reasonable public relations/marketing efforts. Artist Agreement will be available for review on and by request prior to submission deadline.
o The Artist Agreement will finalize costs, completion deadline, and any additional terms and conditions. The duration and life of the mural, necessary repairs, touch-ups or modifications, and other details will be outlined.
o Copyright: As public art, the finished murals may be photographed, reproduced and posted on social media. Montclair Center will credit the works when it appears in our materials and encourage others to do the same. However, Montclair Center cannot guarantee that third-party and general public will credit the artists when photographing and reposting mural images.
o Exact mural locations will be determined during this Call for Proposals and Jury process. The MCBID reserves the right to withdraw a site at its discretion.
Submission Deadline: September 16, 2019 11:59pm
Notification Date: October 1, 2019
Work Completion Date: December 15, 2019
Additional Resources
Contact Information
Jason Gleason
Executive Director
7 North Willow Suite 4A
Montclair NJ 07042 United States



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