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OPD Training Facility - Odessa, TX

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Budget: $30,000
Activated: 08/15/2020
Deadline: 10/30/2020
Call Summary
Odessa Arts, in conjunction with the City of Odessa invites professional artists
or artist teams to submit qualifications to design and fabricate an installation outside the
remodeled Odessa Police Department training facility, and part of the City’s new Percent for Art
program. This piece will be an addition to the City of Odessa’s public art collection
Budget Description
The budget covers all project related costs including (but not limited to):
project design, labor, fabrication, project management, materials, tools, subcontracted
services, lighting, travel to complete the artwork, shipping, delivery of artwork to site, and
installation. Any expense that exceeds the contracted amount will be the artist’s responsibility.
Project Description
in February of 2020, the City of Odessa adopted a Percent for Art for
capital projects exceeding $100,000. The Odessa Police Department Training facility has been
approved for a remodel. As part of the remodel, a new piece of art is budgeted for the grounds
of the building.
This art should speak to the relationship between the Odessa Police Department and the
community. It should also serve as an opportunity to encourage the community to engage with
the OPD by visiting the art piece.
This piece should be able to withstand the West Texas elements, as it will be sited outdoors,
should require minimal maintenance, and have a lifespan of at least 25 years
Artwork Goals
The Public Art Committee seeks works by professional artists to add to and
integrate with the City of Odessa and its growing collection of public art. In addition to the
goals stated above, the art should also:
1. Meet the needs of the community
2. Reflect a quality that will engage the community
3. Reflect a quality that will enhance the reputation of Odessa to the external art community
4. Reflect a quality that will enhance the reputation of Odessa, making it an Arts destination
5. Allow the community to use the artwork as an example of exceptional public art
6. Be durable, sustainable and easy to maintain
Artwork Location Description
The OPD training facility was originally the central fire station, but was transitioned
into vehicle storage when Odessa Fire and Rescue built a new central fire station. In 2019,
Odessa City Council approved certificates of obligation which included funds to transition the
building once again into the OPD training facility.
This public art commission is open to all professional artists or artist
teams with experience in similar projects. All media will be considered. A professional artist is
defined as a skilled practitioner in the original arts with an original self-conceptualized body of
work, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional processing serious intent and
ability. Subcontracts may be used and are defined as those providing technical implementation
including but not limited to: construction, fabrication and assembly for portions of a finished
product under the direct supervision and control of an artist. Applications not meeting eligibility
criteria will be withdrawn from consideration. All applications MUST be submitted though No email or mailed applications will be accepted.
Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 1 - 5
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process
Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee to
ensure that each application is legible, complete, and meets all requirements. The pool will be
narrowed to three finalists who will be asked to created a proposal.
Selection Criteria
Artwork will be selected based on the following criteria:
1. Artist merit and technical expertise
2. Demonstrated successful, innovative and effective approach to public art projects of a
similar scope
3. Ability to execute a public art project in a culturally rich and complex area
4. Express interest in creating artwork for the opportunities presented by this request for
RFQ released: August 15, 2020
Deadline for Submissions: September 30, 2020
Finalists notified: October 30, 2020
Commission Awarded: January 1, 2021
Additional Resources
Contact Information
Randy Ham
Executive Director
PO Box 7195
Odessa TX 79760 United States



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