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EXTENDED: Gustavo "Gus" L. Garcia Recreation Center, Phase III

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Budget: $23,000
Activated: 02/03/2021
Deadline: 04/22/2021
Call Summary
The City of Austin Art in Public Places (AIPP) program is contracting a visual artist, or artist team, to design and install a permanent exterior mural for the Gus Garcia Recreation Center.

FOR FULL PROJECT DETAILS, review the "AIPP_GusGarciaRecCenter_Request for Qualifications" PDF linked in the "Additional Resources" section at the bottom of the application.

A VIRTUAL ARTIST INFORMATION MEETING for this call will be held Thursday, February 18, 2021, 6:00 - 7:30 PM CST.
Sign-up for the meeting via Eventbrite here:
A recording of the meeting will also be posted after the meeting date here:

Contact AIPP with any questions at or 512.974.7949.

Budget Description
The Art in Public Places percent-for-art funding of 2% for this project is generated from 2018 Bond, Proposition C, City of Austin Parkland Acquisition.

The total award for the artist contract is $23,000, inclusive of design, fabrication, and installation, including engineering and permitting fees, travel and shipping expenses, insurance, and all other project-related costs.

Project Description
The City of Austin Art in Public Places (AIPP) program seeks to commission a visual artist, or artist team, to design and install a permanent exterior mural for the Gus Garcia Recreation Center. The community has stated a strong preference for a mural that will serve as a recognizable visual landmark for the Center. They have also communicated an interest in a mural that reflects the Center's and the surrounding communities' rich diversity, highlighting its welcoming spirit.

Artists familiar with the Heritage Hills or Windsor Hills community and the Gus Garcia Recreation Center are highly encouraged to apply. Multilingual artists and artists able to interact with the community in languages other than English are also encouraged to apply.

Artwork Goals
The AIPP program seeks to commission works of art of redeeming quality that advance public understanding of visual art and enhance the aesthetic quality of public places. This can be accomplished through the selection of a qualified artist or artist team who can innovatively and thoughtfully design within the context of this project.

To help ensure the engagement of diverse, local voices, AIPP collaborated with Heritage Hills community members and Gus Garcia Recreation Center stakeholders to outline aims for the artwork. AIPP seeks an artist or artist team to create a mural that will:

» Serve as a recognizable, visual landmark for the Gustavo "Gus" L. Garcia Recreation Center;
» Reflect the rich diversity of the Center and the surrounding community, highlighting its welcoming spirit;
» Integrate into the natural environment of the park and recreation center, drawing visitors to the site;
» Inspire curiosity and imagination in a visually appealing way;
» Respect the life and legacy of Gustavo "Gus" L. Garcia and family;
» Be safe, easily maintained, and vandal-resistant in an exterior environment; and
» Contribute to the depth and breadth of the City of Austin's public art collection.

Artwork Location Description
Located at 1201 E. Rundberg Lane, Austin, Texas 78753, the Gus Garcia Recreation Center is a hub of the Heritage Hills neighborhood. It lies within the northeastern portion area of Austin's urban core.

The Gus Garcia Recreation Center has shared a strong preference for the artwork to be located on the Center's northeast side. However, once the selected artist is on board, the artwork's final location will be a point of collaboration between the artist, staff, and users of the Recreation Center.

Site History
Historically, the Heritage Hills and Windsor Hills neighborhoods were the territories of the Tonkawa and Comanche. The area's primary natural feature—Little Walnut Creek and its tributaries—was the site of clashes between indigenous peoples and early European immigrants. Farmers and ranchers later used the creek bed for its water and fertile soil. In response to threatening erosion, parts of the creek's banks were stabilized in 1995. Today, the creek is located less than a mile south of the Gus Garcia Recreation Center.

Until the last decade or so, the area surrounding what is now the Recreation Center was largely unplanned. In 2008, Austin City Council acted to begin the planning process for Heritage Hills and Windsor Hills neighborhoods. Together, these two areas constituted the Heritage Hills/Windsor Hills Combined Neighborhood Planning Area (HHWHCNP) under the City's design. This process shortly proceeded the construction of the Gus Garcia Recreation Center RC, which culminated in March in 2008.

The Center was named in honor of Gustavo "Gus" L. Garcia, who dedicated more than three decades of his life to public service. Garcia served as President of the Board of the Austin Independent School District, as a member of the Austin City Council, as Mayor Pro Tem, and in 2001, was elected as Austin's first Hispanic Mayor. Gus Garcia Recreation Center offers various youth, teen, adult, and senior programs, including sports leagues, summer camps, and afterschool care.

This call is open to all artists who are over 18 years of age and live in the 7-county Austin metropolitan area (Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Burnet, and Blanco counties).

Mural artists are especially invited to apply. The community advisory group has expressed interest in commissioning a 2D work. Artists who have applied to a past AIPP TEMPO 2D project are also invited to apply.

Exceptions include:
» Artists who are currently under contract with AIPP for a permanent commission are ineligible to apply.
» Employees of the City of Austin or project sub-contractors are ineligible to apply.

Applications not meeting all eligibility criteria will be withdrawn from consideration.

Application Requirements
Resume: 1 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5 - 10
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Demographics Survey: Communities
Demographics Survey: Gender
Demographics Survey: Pronouns
Demographics Survey: Race/Ethnicity
Demographics Survey: Veteran Status
Short Answer Question 1 Text
Short Answer Question 2 Text
Short Answer Question 3 Text
Short Answer Question 4 Text
Selection Information
Selection Process
A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be distributed, and applications must be submitted through by the deadline. The City of Austin Art in Public Places Panel will convene a jury to evaluate the submissions. The jury and advisors will review qualifications and select three to five finalists for interviews unless there is consensus on the selection of recommending one applicant and one alternate. The jury and advisors will then convene for interviews and select one artist/artist team and one alternate. This recommendation will be presented to the Art in Public Places Panel and Austin Arts Commission for approval.

The approved artist(s) will be put under a design + commission contract to coordinate with the City and project team to develop a final design, which is also subject to approval by the AIPP Panel and the Austin Arts Commission prior to fabrication and installation.

A 3-member jury shall be chosen to include at least one visual artist. Possible jury members may include:
» Ryan Runcie, Visual Artist
» Ernesto Hernandez, Visual Artist
» Damon Moseley, Visual Artist
» Natalia Rochefuerte, Visual Artist + Community Member

Project advisors will be invited to participate in the process to provide assistance and expertise to the selection panel. Project advisors may include:
» David Ray, Gus Garcia Recreation Center Advisory Board President
» Martha Langford, Gus Garcia Recreation Center Community Garden Representative
» Ellie Demuth, Dobie Middle School Art Teacher + Visual Artist
» Sarah McKenna, Meals on Wheels
» Stephen Kreger, President of Windsor Hills Neighborhood Association
» Delano Brown, Gus Garcia Recreation Center Site Supervisor
» J Muzacz, AIPP Panel Liaison
» Brett Barnes, Arts Commissioner District 4
» Asian American Resource Center Representative, TBD

The Project Team will be advised by:
» Sue Lambe, AIPP Program Manager, Cultural Arts Division, Economic Development Department, City of Austin
» Maria Teresa Bonet, AIPP Project Manager, Cultural Arts Division, Economic Development Department, City of Austin

No gallery owner, dealer, or art agent may serve as a juror due to the potential for conflict of interest. No juror may serve more than once in any two-year period in an attempt to bring a diversity of interests to the selection process and to more precisely match the expertise of the jury members to each project.
Selection Criteria
The selection of an artist or artist team shall be based on artist qualifications that best meet the requirements contained in this Request for Qualifications.

The jury will review and consider the following evaluation criteria:
» Artistic merit and technical knowledge;
» Ability to engage the community in which the artwork is being proposed; and
» Demonstrated success completing works of art.

For more information on AIPP project selection criteria, see:

Request for Qualifications Opens
Artist information meeting

Request for Qualifications Closes

Jury review of applications (Meeting #1)
Artist interviews with Jury (Meeting #2)

Approval of artist and alternate by AIPP Panel and Austin Arts Commission
Artist design + commission contract executed

Artist Pre-Contract meeting
AIPP kick-off meeting

July - September
Artist community engagement

Mid-Design review by AIPP Panel

Final Design review by AIPP Panel and Austin Arts Commission




Additional Resources
AIPP_GusGarciaRecCenter_Request for Qualifications (PDF)
Contact Information
Maria Teresa Bonet
Project Manager
Austin Texas 78741 United States



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