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Florida Flora Public Art Mural


Budget: $40,000
Activated: 05/01/2021
Deadline: 06/04/2021
Call Summary
The City of West Palm Beach (“City”) requests qualifications from professional artists or professional artist teams (max two per team) to create an original public art mural for a major entry point into the City of West Palm Beach’s downtown corridor. The City has partnered with Florida Power & Light Company to accommodate a public art mural. The theme of the project is “Florida Flora.” The colorful foliage of South Florida will inspire the design.
Budget Description
The commissioning budget is $40,000 and is all-inclusive including: design, artist fee, materials, installation, travel, and insurance. Proposals that exceed the commission budget will be considered non-responsive and non-qualified.
*Artist teams must split the allotted budget if awarded.
Project Description
The City of West Palm Beach is committed to shaping the character of our City through the power of public art. The City of West Palm Beach ArtLife WPB program has formed a partnership with Florida Power & Light Company ("FPL") to install an art mural on FPL's perimeter wall located at 810 Charlotte Avenue. The partnership aligns with the ArtLife WPB Committee's strategic goals to cultivate purposeful partnerships with other cultural institutions, businesses, and stakeholders by advocating creative design integrations into public and private buildings and infrastructure. Further, the project will visually promote West Palm Beach as an art destination. The partners have agreed to install an original public artwork by a professional artist or artist team to be installed on the south facing portion of the identified wall.

Artwork Goals
o Be inspired by the colorful foliage of South Florida and reflect the area while creating a visually positive image while entering the downtown corridor.
o The artwork is of high artistic quality.
o The design is expressive and echoes the theme of the project.
o It becomes a visual identifier as an entry point to the City.
o The proposed work is appropriate for the site in terms of scale, design, and materials.
Artwork Location Description
The identified site serves as a visually prominent entry way to the City's downtown corridor. When heading east on Okeechobee Boulevard towards downtown West Palm Beach, there is a large wall on the south east corner of Okeechobee Boulevard between Australian Avenue and west of Parker Avenue. The wall is 370 linear square feet, and the commissioned artist or artist team will have a central focal area to design and implement their art piece. The work will be seen by vehicular travelers, and therefore, will be viewed at a speed of 40 mph unless cars are stationary due to the train or traffic lights. The location is highly visible and will be seen daily by approximately 64,000 motorists. The artwork site will not be accessible to pedestrians; therefore, the artwork must be fully contained within the designated site.
Open to professional visual artists or artist-led teams age 18 and over who reside in Florida.
Artists or Artist Teams (max two per team) must demonstrate the professional capacity to oversee the design and installation of a large-scale public mural.
Studio artists interested in pursuing public art projects are also encouraged to apply. Artists who have not previously worked in public art are invited to utilize their written responses to outline their knowledge of and interest in public art.
Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5 - 7
Artist Statement: 500 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 500 word maximum
All interested artists or artists teams (max two artists per team) must submit their application by uploading their application through There are no exceptions. Applications Materials. To be considered a complete application, applications must contain all the following materials: 1. Professional Resumé: Resumés or CVs (limited to 2 pages) must be uploaded for each Artist or Artist team (Artist teams should provide a separate Resumé/CV for each member. Teams must provide information for each team member, and one Artist must be identified as the lead contact for the team. Any artist team selected through this Call must retain the same composition of individual team members until the completion of the commission. 2. Statement of Interest: (max. 500 words) Statements should address the Artist or Artist team’s interest in developing a public art proposal for this specific commission and provide context to the conceptual and aesthetic approach, highlighting prior artworks, projects, or commissions of a similar scale. 3. Documentation of Past Projects- A minimum of five (5) images and up to seven (7) images of past completed or realized work are required. Image specifications: JPG, PNG, 300dpi, 5MB Max. 4. Image Information: title of work, artist(s), year completed, medium, dimensions, location. No composite images.
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Terms and Conditions Agreement/Certification
Selection Information
Selection Process
Artist or Artist teams will be selected through the following process.
1. Qualification Review. City staff will preview submissions for completeness and compliance with qualification requirements. Staff may reject incomplete applications or non-qualified or non-responsive submissions.
2. Selection. The City of West Palm Beach’s ArtLife WPB Committee will review the applications at a public meeting and select one artist/artist team, based on the criteria contained in this document. The finalist will be selected based on the strength of their past work, and their demonstrated ability to meet the budget and timeline in past projects.
3. City Commission Approval. Award of a contract for creating, designing, and installing the artwork(s) is contingent upon final approval by City Commission.
Selection Criteria
Selection of the final concept proposal will be based on the project goals and the following criteria:
ARTISTIC QUALITY: Artwork should incorporate a high level of craftsmanship and artistic excellence.
DIVERSITY: Artwork is diverse in terms of media, cultural or historical significance, innovation and creativity.
APPROPRIATENESS TO SITE: Artwork should be innovative, engaging and compatible with the location in terms of scale, material, and form. Artwork should be conceptually appealing to a wide audience of varied ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Artwork should exhibit originality of concept and demonstrate a strong conceptual alignment with the goals of the project.
ARTIST QUALIFICATIONS: The feasibility of the proposed artwork is evaluated relative to the artist’s ability to complete the work proposed. Factors to be considered include the Artists or Artist Teams experience, past projects budget and timeline.
ARTWORK MAINTENANCE: Artwork must be designed and constructed for durability in the South Florida climate. Consideration will be given to proposals that consider sustainable and efficient methods in the ongoing operation and maintenance of the artwork.
PUBLIC WELFARE: Artwork will be evaluated to ensure that it does not present a hazard to public safety and is compliant with all applicable building codes and accessibility requirements.
Call to Artists Released and Promoted May 2021
Application deadline June 2021
ArtLife WPB Committee review/selection July/August 2021
Contract/Design Development September 2021
City Commission – Final Design Approval October 2021
Selected Artist/Artist Team to commence work October/November
Additional Resources
PDF Full Call to Artists (PDF)
Site Location (PNG)
FPL Wall (JPG)
FPL Wall view 2 (JPG)
Contact Information
Sybille Welter
Administrator of Public Art and Culture
401 Clematis Street
West Palm beach FL 33401 United States



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