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Skyline Park in Easton Park, Austin, TX


Budget: $250,000
Activated: 11/02/2021
Deadline: 12/09/2021
Call Summary
Brookfield Residential is seeking to commission a unique permanent artwork installation that will serve as a signature artistic or sculptural element welcoming visitors within Skyline Park, a significant community park located in the Easton Park neighborhood, a vibrant new and growing housing community just twelve miles east of downtown Austin.
Budget Description
The artwork budget for Skyline Park is $250,000. This budget amount is inclusive of all costs associated with delivering and installing a complete work including design, fabrication, engineering, permitting and incidental costs. Additional support with installation may be available from Brookfield Residential on a case-by-case basis but is not guaranteed.
Project Description
Brookfield Residential is seeking to commission a unique permanent artwork installation that will serve as a signature artistic or sculptural element welcoming visitors within a significant community park located in Easton Park, a vibrant new and growing housing community just twelve miles east of downtown Austin.
Artwork Goals
Guiding principles identified as priorities for the art commissions at Easton Park include:

The Best of Austin. From live music to gorgeous outdoor spaces, Easton Park embodies the aspects of Austin living that everyone enjoys. We are committed to strengthening the connective cultural tissue between the heart of Austin and Easton Park.

Inclusivity. Easton Park is a neighborhood for everyone. We are proud of the diversity of our residents, the way they welcome each other and demonstrate every day what it means to be a good neighbor.

Authenticity. We don’t have to boast or embellish — the beauty of our community and the quality of our neighbors speak for themselves. That’s why, as often we can, we express our brand through the true stories of community and neighbors.

Maintenance. Artists are encouraged to consider the long-term maintenance needs of artwork sited in an exterior location in Skyline Park and to consider highly-durable, low-maintenance materials to ensure the longevity of individual pieces. The completed work will be maintained by the homeowners’ association.
Artwork Location Description
The first phase of the public art program for Easton Park will include a significant commission for Skyline Park. Artists that apply for this opportunity may also be considered for additional future commission opportunities within the community. Ideally, the commissioned artwork for Skyline Park will create a sense of identity for the park as well as relate to the overall context of the Easton Park community which reflects the vibrant creative and cultural context of Austin, Texas.

Skyline Park invites engagement with visitors of all ages and the park engages all five senses with a variety of opportunities and a range of settings for families to gather.
Site History
Easton Park is a vibrant 2,300-acre master-planned community with residential homes of all types as well as parks, green space, amenities, schools, retail space and much more. When complete, it will include more than 10,000 residential units. The parks are vital to the community, featuring more than 350 acres of open space and 13.1 miles of planned trails.
This request for qualifications is open to any professional artist or artist team.

Commitment to Cultural Equity. Easton Park is a residential community that strives to reflect the cultural diversity and range of experiences and perspectives that make the City of Austin a vibrant and engaging urban environment that cultivates creativity. This commitment to cultural equity and diversity will be reflected in the panelists selecting artists to create artwork for Easton Park as well as in the artists selected.

Easton Park also embraces and supports the City of Austin Art in Public Places Program’s commitment to cultural equity:

Art in Public Places embraces cultural equity. It is the goal of the program to ensure as many people as possible have meaningful engagements with public art and access to viewing, experiencing, and creating artwork. AIPP actively seeks to provide members of historically underrepresented communities, which can include identities such as Black or African-American, Arab-American, Asian-American, Hispanic or LatinX, Pacific Islander, Indigenous Nations, LGBTQIA, or a person with a disability, with equitable access to public art opportunities. In support of this commitment, the program will make every effort to expand access to the collection and programmatic decision-making. For each project, every effort will be made to comprise project selection panels and finalist pools for AIPP commissions with representatives from a variety of historically underrepresented communities to better reflect the diversity of Austin.
Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 10 - 20
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process
Artists will be selected by a panel representing at a minimum (1) an artist or arts professional familiar with public art, (2) a representative of the developer Brookfield Residential, and (3) a landscape architect familiar with the setting and context of Skyline Park in which the artwork will be located. For the initial review, the selection panel will review artist resume and images of completed past work. From these materials, the selection panel will recommend 3 to 4 artists to develop a preliminary proposal concept for Skyline Park appropriate to the available budget and for an interview with the selection panel. Artists selected to develop a preliminary proposal will receive an honorarium of $500.
Selection Criteria
The following criteria will be considered by the selection in recommending up to three artists for a shortlist for interview:

(1) Artistic experience as demonstrated in previously completed artwork. Prior public art experience is not a requirement to evaluate artistic accomplishment.

(2) Demonstrated accomplishment in completing artistic projects on time and on budget.

(3) Aesthetic as demonstrated in previously completed artwork and alignment with the goals and intent for the artwork commission for Skyline Park.
The application deadline is Thursday, December 9, 2021, 5:00 PM CST.

-Up to three artists will be selected on the basis of past work to interview with the selection panel.

-One or more artists may be selected to develop a preliminary proposal selected artist(s) will receive an honorarium of $500.00 for developing and presenting a preliminary proposal.

-Artwork will be designed, fabricated and installed by November, 2022.
Additional Resources
Site Plan (PDF)
Contact Information
Greg Esser
1115 N 9th Street
Phoenix AZ 85006 United States



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