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Johns Hopkins Hospital Towline Mural, Baltimore, MD


Budget: $8,500
Activated: 01/15/2022
Deadline: 02/28/2022
Call Summary
Johns Hopkins and Mural Masters, Inc is seeking colorful and innovative artists to create a vibrant mural motif for the staff of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Towline located in Baltimore, MD. This is an ongoing effort to create an inviting and inspiring environment for our multicultural staff from varied backgrounds
Budget Description
The total project budget available for artwork is $8,500.00. Commission budgets are to be inclusive of all Artist fees, materials, artwork fabrication, installation costs, insurance, transportation, and any other costs associated with creating the artwork
Project Description
We are searching for innovative artists and/or artist teams in the Maryland/DC Metro area familiar with Johns Hopkins Hospital and the surrounding communities. Preference will be given to Baltimore City based artists. We invite you to submit qualifications for the available site. The proposed site is an interior wall approximately 8’h x 48’w located on the sub-level towline area of Johns Hopkins Hospital. The lower 14 inches of the will have an install tow rail by JHH. The wall will be prepped and primed by JHH. The wall will be the first two segments of the wall starting from the corner. Each segment is approximately 24 feet long.
Artwork Goals
The final approved design should reflect the mission and values of Johns Hopkins Hospital, our commitment to medical support service, equity, and inclusivity as well as the use of the building and surrounding environment. The artwork should add a sense of vitality and meaning to the staff the use the towline area. All proposed artwork must be durable, site appropriate, and easy to maintain. JHH will provide on site storage for supplies and equipment.
Artwork Location Description
The towline area provides sub-level access for staff to move through and deliver services throughout the hospital via corridors and an automated chain driven delivery system.
Site History
Spanning a large portion of the sub-basement of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Kimmel Cancer Center and Orleans Street Garage is a mechanical system that transports containers of supplies and equipment between the hospital and other buildings on the East Baltimore campus. It’s called a towline, and it literally performs much of the hospital’s heavy lifting.
Each day, underground and out of the view of patients and visitors, some 2,000 carts, loaded with a variety of supplies and materials, are placed on the towline for transport. They move, without the push or pull of a human, like cable cars along one continuous mile-long chain that’s situated on a track just under the surface of a massive cement floor, and stop at certain locations for their inventory to be picked up.
All artists must be fully vaccinated from COVID and flu and wear an appropriate mask at all times while on site. Artists are allowed to apply in teams. Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves and provide a separate resume for each team member.
• Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident and a minimum of 18 years of age.
• Applicant must demonstrate previous experience and expertise through a supporting portfolio submission (resume and images of current or previous work).
• Applicant must be willing to meet project deadlines.
• Applicant must be willing to meet with and take content input for the final design from the committee.
• If selected for the project, applicant will sign a contract with Mural Masters, Inc.
• Mural Masters, Inc serves solely as project manager to provide logistical support for the RFQ and to the selected artist's execution of the project as needed.
• Final artwork and likenesses becomes the property of Johns Hopkins.
Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 1 - 10
Artist Statement: 200 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 500 word maximum
Artists should follow the recommendations that are provided by on their website for composing a Letter of Interest.
References: 2
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process
Artists’ submissions will be reviewed and final selections will be made by a committee appointed by Johns Hopkins. The committee for this project includes staff and leaders from JHH. One artist/artist team will be selected to design and execute the mural.
Selection Criteria
The quality of the artist’s portfolio or previous work samples submitted
The artist’s cover letter and how well it addresses this particular project
The artist’s experience working with the public art process and demonstrated ability to work with the project and facility managers.
Submissions to the RFQ are due February 20, 2022 and must be submitted via Artists are asked to submit the required documents and images to demonstrate their interest and expertise.
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