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Redbud Trail Bridge and Isle AIPP Project


Budget: $625,000
Activated: 06/07/2022
Deadline: 08/18/2022
Call Summary
The AIPP program seeks to commission works of art of redeeming quality that advance public understanding of visual art and enhance the aesthetic quality of public places. This can be accomplished through the selection of a qualified artist or artist team who can innovatively and thoughtfully design within the context of this project. Construction of the new bridge is designed to handle current-day loading conditions, increasing vehicular traffic, and increased safety and multi-modal transportation options for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Budget Description
Funded by 2012 and 2018 voter-approved bonds, the Capital Improvement Project features the replacement of the existing bridge at Redbud Trail over Lady Bird Lake. 2% of the estimated construction budget is set aside for the commissioning of public art though the AIPP Program. The total award for the artist contract is $625,000, inclusive of design, fabrication, and installation, including engineering fees, travel and shipping expenses, insurance, and all other project-related costs.
Project Description
The Redbud Trail Bridge Project has been years in the making and is the result of increasing strains on the bridge due to flooding, population growth, the number of vehicles on the road and heightened use. The project is currently in the 60% design phase. Completion of the bridge should occur in 2025. The bridge, built in 1948, does not meet current roadway standards for traffic volume, bicycle and pedestrian amenities. The bridge is also nearing the end of its operational life. The new bridge will handle current traffic requirements, and provide enhanced multimodal transportation options such as bicycle and pedestrian access.
Artwork Goals
To engage local voices, AIPP collaborated with the Parks Department, and Public Works Department to host an online engagement community meeting on March 23, 2022, as well as an online survey on SpeakUp Austin website open from March 23, 2022 to April 15, 2022. The feedback was compiled into AIPP project goals, which were then finalized with community comment. The resulting goals for the Redbud Trail Bridge and Isle AIPP Project are to select an artist/artist team who will design artwork that:
• Links together the varied historical stories about the island including the nearby dam, the flooding, and the current use of the site as a dog park;
• Creates a peaceful, calm and serene setting for visitors of all ages and species;
• Integrates with surrounding rocks, trees, water, foliage fish, biodiversity and all the beautiful natural surroundings;
• Contributes to the diversity of the City of Austin’s art collection; and
• Is accessible physically and conceptually by visitors of all ages and abilities to the park.
Artwork Location Description
The community has stated a preference for the artwork being inspired by the history and nature of the surrounding site. Artists who are familiar with local ecology and/or the Redbud Ilse user community are highly encouraged to apply. Potential artwork locations are designated on the pictures below, as well as other possible locations, as determined by the selected artist. The final artwork site will be determined in collaboration between the selected artist, City staff, and the community.
Site History
*Art in Public Places strives to reference accurate sources, however, AIPP is not an historical organization. Background information is meant only as a brief starting point to the depth of history at City sites. Redbud Isle is located off Redbud Trail Bridge Road between Lake Austin Blvd. and Stratford Dr. Red Bud Isle was formed in 1900 by the catastrophic collapse of the Great Granite Dam that contained Lake McDonald (now known as Lake Austin), killing several dozen people.
Nearby is Tom Miller Dam that forms Lake Austin, the city’s primary source for drinking water. In 1940, the LCRA completed the dam as part of the Highland Lakes system, designed to manage floodwaters and bring electricity to the Texas Hill Country. Previous attempts to control the extreme flows of the Colorado had failed. In both1900 and 1915 previous dams were
devastated by floods. Granite boulders from those structures can still be found on Red Bud Isle.
Applicants should meet the following requirements:
•Professional visual artist or artist team;
•At least 18 years of age; and
•Live in the state of Texas.
Full-time, permanent City of Austin employees are ineligible to apply. Employees of the project consultants and sub-consultants are also ineligible to apply.
Applications not meeting all eligibility criteria will be withdrawn from consideration.
Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 10
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Demographics Survey: Communities
Demographics Survey: Gender
Demographics Survey: Pronouns
Demographics Survey: Race and Ethnicity
Demographics Survey: Veteran Status
Short Answer Q1 Redbud Text
Short Answer Q2 Redubd Text
Short Answer Q3 Redbud Text
Selection Information
Selection Process
A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be distributed and applications must be submitted through by the deadline. The City of Austin Art in Public Places Panel will convene a jury to evaluate the submissions. The jury and advisors will review qualifications and select three to five finalists for interviews unless there is consensus on the selection of recommending one applicant and one alternate. The jury and advisors will then convene for interviews or may opt to host a proposal period for a narrowed list of artists to submit paid proposals. Their final selections will result in selecting one artist/artist team and one alternate. This recommendation will be presented to the Art in Public Places Panel and Austin Arts Commission for approval. The approved artist(s) will be put under a design + commission contract to coordinate with the City and project team to develop a final design, which is also subject to approval by the AIPP Panel and the Austin Arts Commission prior to fabrication and installation.

A 3-5 member jury shall be chosen to include at least 1 visual artist. Possible jury members include:
» Margo Sawyer, Austin based Visual Artist
» Marc Fornes, Brooklyn based Artist and Architect
» Fidencio Duran, Austin based Visual Artist
» Ryan Dennis, Chief curator and artistic director of the Center for Art & Public Exchange (CAPE) at the Mississippi Museum of Art
» Michael Anthony Garcia, Austin based independent Curator
» Adriana Hernández Aguirre, Austin based Landscape Designer, Associate ASLA

Project advisors will be invited to participate in the process to provide assistance and expertise to the jury. The project advisors to the jury may include:
» Rey Hernandez – Landscape Architect, Parks and Recreation Department, City of Austin
» Paulinda Lanham – Project Manager, Public Works Department, City of Austin
»Bradley Touchstone, Bridge Architect, AECOM
»Charlie Chapin—LCRA
»Liz Johnston – Watershed Protection Department
»Linda Anthony – Community Advisor, Mayor Westlake Hills
»Eri Hammack—University of Texas
»Tammie Rubin – AIPP Panel Project Liaison
»Celina Zisman – Austin Arts Commission, District 8

The jury will be supported by:
» Marjorie Flanagan, AIPP Sr. Project Manager/Acting Program Manager, Cultural Arts Division, Economic Development Department, City of Austin
» Alex Irrera, AIPP Project Manager, Cultural Arts Division, Economic Development Department, City of Austin

No gallery owner, dealer, or art agent may serve as a juror due to the potential for conflict of interest. No juror may serve more than once in any two-year period in an attempt to bring a diversity of interests to the selection process and to more precisely match the expertise of the jury members to each project.
Selection Criteria
The selection of an artist or artist team shall be based on artist qualifications that best meet the requirements contained in this Project Prospectus. The Jury will review and consider the following evaluation criteria:
» Artistic merit and technical expertise;
» Ability to engage the community in which the artwork is being proposed; and
» Demonstrated success completing works of art.
For more information on AIPP project selection criteria, see:
May Prospectus Approved (AIPP Panel and Arts Commission)
June Request for Qualifications released
Artist Information Session
August Call closes
Artist Interviews & Selection
September Artist Selection Recommendation approval
City Council Approval
November Artist under Contract Project Kick-off
December Community Engagement
Possible Construction Project start date
March Mid-Design Review
June/July Conservation Review/RAS/User Department Evaluation
September Final Design for approval
October Artist Notice to Proceed
November Fabrication
TBD Installation
TBD Artwork dedication to coincide with Park renovation completion
Additional Resources
Project Outline English (PDF)
Project Outline Spanish (PDF)
Contact Information
Marjorie Flanagan
Project Manager
5202 E Ben White Blvd. Suite 400
Austin TX 78741 United States



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