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Garfield Super Block Pillars of Promise


Budget: $10,000
Activated: 08/01/2023
Deadline: 09/19/2023
Call Summary
The Garfield Super Block Coalition (GSB) is seeking seven artists to create seven separate pillars, and one collaborative pillar to tell the stories of the seven ethnic communities that settled in the Central District from 1800 to 1975. The pillars will be fabricated by a third party for the Garfield Super Block site.
Budget Description
The selected artist(s) will receive a stipend of $10,000 after their final design is submitted to and accepted by the coalition.
Project Description
Theme: Collective Memory

The heart of the GSB Art Plan is the Legacy and Promise Promenade, which will feature the seven artworks known as the “Pillars of Promise,” to commemorate the seven cultures that existed in the Central District prior to its official redlining and will contribute to the creation of a unique identity for the park as a welcoming and educational place for those who live, play, and work in the area. The pillar locations are currently designated on the Garfield Super Block Campus as encircled items A1 to A7 of the site plan below and will exist permanently at Garfield Park. These artworks will be created by an artist from each of the seven cultures; Black/African American, Chinese, Duwamish, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, and Jewish people.

Additionally, the artists will have the opportunity to collaborate on a single seven-sided pillar (e.g. a heptagonal shape when looked at plan-view), with each artist designing one side. This pillar will have a solar/light function.

Artwork Goals
The shape, size, and material of the pillar will be designed in coordination with Site Workshop. Site Workshop will provide all artists with the size and weight constraints during the design process. Foundation and anchoring for the artwork will also be designed by Site Workshop.

The artist(s) will submit final designs to a mutually decided upon fabricator for fabrication and installation. Materials will be decided upon mutually with the design team and landscape architects and Seattle Parks and recreation. This commission is for DESIGN ONLY.

Artwork Location Description
See Site Plan below.

Site History
The Garfield Super Block is located in Seattle's Central District and is shared by Medgar Evers Pool, play fields, Teen Life Center, and a community center, all owned and operated by Seattle Parks & Recreation and Garfield High School. The site boundaries are Cherry Street to the north, 23rd Avenue to the west, 25th Avenue to the east, and Alder Street to the south. The area is mainly residential in character along 25th and Alder, with mixed commercial uses at Cherry and 23rd Avenue.

This call is open to emerging, mid-career, and established artists working in Washington State who represent one of the seven ethnic groups; Black/African American, Chinese, Duwamish, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, and Jewish people.
Application Requirements
Artist Statement: 300 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 300 word maximum
Letter of Interest should relate to the scope of work. Please also explain your connection to the cultural community you are applying to represent.
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Concept Proposal
Past Artwork Samples
Selection Information
Selection Process
The selection process will take place in Summer of 2023. Two representatives from each cultural group of the Garfield Superblock Cultural Art Advisory Committee will select two artists from their cultural community to move to the final round. Then the GSB cultural art advisors will meet as a full group to select one artist (7 in total) from each cultural community to move into contracting and to edit and refine their concept for fabrication. The GSB reserves the right to not select any applicants.

Parks Proview Design Review Process:
When an artwork is proposed for placement at an existing site by the Department, by the Community, or by a donor, ProView will review the proposal, and evaluate the appropriateness of the artwork for placement on the site in terms of: safety, potential for vandalism, compatibility with site uses, durability, impact on maintenance and operations, and environmental impact, and will make a recommendation to the Project Steering Committee on whether to accept or reject the proposal.

The artworks will be made of either stainless steel, bronze or another permanent material that is easy to maintain. All artwork proposals will be subject to a conservation review from the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture. Long term maintenance and ownership of the artwork(s) will be determined between the Garfield Super Block Coalition, Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

Selection Criteria
A final proposal will be selected based on how best the proposal fits within the environment and responds to the scope of work.

Selection Requirements:
• Letter of Interest related to the scope of work. (Please also explain your connection to the cultural community you are applying to represent.)
• Bio or Artist Statement
• 1-Page Concept Proposal that includes: concept for pillars, materials, and which ethnic community/s the artist represents. (Concept proposals can be submitted in written form; as sketches with descriptions; or in a 2 minute (max) video)
• 6-10 Images of Past Artwork

Project Timeline

August 1st, 2023
Call Opens

September 12th, 2023
Applications Due

September – October 2023
Selections Panels

October 2023
Artists under Design Contract

1st Quarter 2024
Final Designs and Construction Documents Due

2nd and 3rd Quarter 2024
Fabrication and Installation
Additional Resources
Site Plan (JPG)
Contact Information
Alison Post
2512 NE 92nd St
Seattle WA 98115 United States
Submission Instructions
Email Address
Emailing Submission Instructions
All application documents should be emailed to Alison Post at on or before 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, (PST). Applications received after this date won’t be reviewed. Get Help with your Application! These are drop-in sessions to get help with your concept, images and statements. Application Workshop Monday, August 21st, 2023 6pm-7pm Join Zoom Meeting ID: 81931900502 Passcode: 572975 Saturday, September 2nd. 2pm-3pm Join Zoom Meeting ID: 86867420196 Passcode: 433058 Sunday, September 3rd 12pm-1pm Join Zoom Meeting ID: 85772517513 Passcode: 539451 Wednesday, September 6th 6pm-7pm Join Zoom Meeting ID: 89011309701 Passcode: 786689 Please visit the GSB website to view the call with active Zoom links to the workshops. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.



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