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San Antonio Botanical Garden Mural Exhibition


Budget: $220,000
Activated: 12/13/2023
Deadline: 01/12/2024
Call Summary
The San Antonio Botanical Garden (the Botanical Garden) is seeking qualified artists to design and install temporary murals for a 2025 exhibition. Artists and artist teams (artists) are requested to apply by submitting a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to produce unique works for the exhibition. The selected artists(s) will be chosen to create artwork that responds to the diverse outdoor spaces and gardens maintained by the Botanical Garden. The committee seeks traditional and non-traditional work including, but not necessarily limited to, painted surfaces, lighting, living plant materials, projections, etc. SOQs will be used to conduct a fair and extensive evaluation and to select the artists that can best achieve the exhibition goals and objectives.
Budget Description
Selected artists will receive $5,000.00 plus all related expenses.

Only costs directly related to the mural project will be eligible for reimbursement, including expenses for supplies, additional contractors, engineering, fabrication, equipment rental, insurance, transportation, and installation. Approved travel expenses will be covered for artists outside of the San Antonio area. Eligible costs will differ based on the nature of the proposed work.

The Botanical Garden will provide additional equipment and labor to support the projects. This includes consultation with the Botanical Garden’s horticulture team for the design and maintenance of any living (plant) or water elements.
Project Description
Approximately 11 artists will be included in the exhibit. A design fee of $5,000.00 will be paid to each selected artist. Approved material and fabrication costs will be paid separately by the Botanical Garden.

Selected artists will:
- Create an original work that responds to the San Antonio Botanical Garden and the exhibition theme.
- Collaborate with Botanical Garden contractors and staff to finalize the design and fabrication methods.
- Produce a project budget for review by project managers and Botanical Garden staff.
- Submit approved expenses to project managers for reimbursement.
- Provide timely progress reports to project managers to meet exhibition deadlines.
- Install or oversee the installation and de-installation of their project.

The mural exhibition will remain on view for approximately 8 months, March - October, 2025. During that time, it will serve as the centerpiece for many gatherings, contribute to curriculum building for all audiences, and inspire community discussion.
Artwork Goals
The committee seeks works connected with the native plants of Texas and surrounding regions such as northern Mexico. This theme is considered very broadly. A relationship to flora could be direct, such as an illustration of a plant. Or the relationship to flora could be indirect, such as, but not limited to: the quality of light passing through foliage, human use of plants for ceremony, decoration or medicine, agriculture or foraging in the region, water’s role in plant growth or ecosystems.

Traditional non-traditional media will be considered including, but not necessarily limited to, painted surfaces, lighting, living plant materials, projections, soundscapes, etc. The term “mural” is also used broadly.
This call is open to all artists age 18 and up from Texas and surrounding regions such as northern Mexico. It is open to all artists regardless of race, creed, gender, gender variance, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical disability. To be considered, artists must have demonstrated experience accomplishing work of similar scope and scale. Artists working in traditional and non-traditional mural media are encouraged to apply. Artist teams are acceptable.
Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5 - 10
Letter of Interest: 500 word maximum
Letter of Interest including applicant’s name, contact information, relevant biographical information and a brief statement of interest in this project.
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Statement of Intent Text
Selection Information
Selection Process
At the time of application, artists are not required to submit mural designs for review. Following artist selections from this call, artists will be required to submit a design (phase 1.)  Final designs must be approved by the Botanical Garden selection committee prior to producing work (phase 2.) Project managers will facilitate communication between selected artists and the committee. Artists are encouraged to work with Botanical Garden staff to effectively integrate their project into their chosen site. Design fees and reimbursable costs will be released based on established project milestones in phase 1 and 2. Project managers will facilitate this process on behalf of the selected artists.

Artist Agreements
Each of the selected artists will enter into a commissioned work agreement with the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Selected artists agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement.
Selection Criteria
Statements of Qualification (letter of interest and biography) should reflect the artist’s experience and/or aptitude for mural work. Artists working in other media are also encouraged to apply. Such artists are encouraged to indicate in their SOQ which aspects of their existing work are relevant to this call. While a design proposal is not being requested, the call does request a Statement of Intent indicating what type of work they are inclined to propose. Applications should include images of work relevant to this project. Once selected, artists will work with the project managers to develop a design proposal.  Artists will be compensated for each phase of completed work, including the design proposal.

SOQ Format:  Applications must  be submitted in the required format so the selection committee may evaluate them in an objective manner. Entries that do not meet submission requirements will not be considered. Artist teams will apply as one, sharing the allotted image and text limits.

Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:
- Quality of past work, technical skill, and demonstrated ability to develop a unique mural design.
- Interest in addressing ideas and themes relevant to the San Antonio Botanical Garden (native plants, water usage, ecology, food webs, etc.)
- Willingness to consult and work collaboratively with the project managers and staff to successfully meet any site requirements, schedules, and deadlines.
- Potential to successfully complete the project within the required time.
- Overall professionalism and presentation of ideas and application materials.

Applications will be juried by a selection committee comprised of Botanical Garden staff and external reviewers.
Request for Qualifications Opens – December 12, 2023
Statement of Qualifications Deadline – January 12, 2024 
Notification of Selected Artists – Week of January 22-26, 2024
Mural Designs Submitted for Approval – March 1, 2024
Fabrication Phase – March 2024 through January 2025
Installation of Artwork – February 2025
Exhibition – March through October 2025

All dates, except the application deadline, are subject to change.  All complete submissions must be received electronically on or before January 12, 2024, at 5:00 PM (CST). Incomplete submissions and submissions received after the stated due date and time will not be reviewed. 
Additional Resources
Contact Information
Stuart Allen or Cade Bradshaw
313 Pendleton Ave
San Antonio TX 78204 USA



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