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University Health Women’s & Children’s Hospital: Donor Wall Art at Level 1 Lobby Glass - SA, TX


Budget: $30,000
Activated: 11/15/2020
Deadline: 01/17/2021
Call Summary
University Health’s Salud-Arte: Art of Healing program seeks an artist or artist team to design a donor wall for the Level 1 Lobby Glass of the new Women’s & Children’s Hospital at University Hospital’s Medical Center campus. The building is set to open in early 2023. The commissioned artwork will thoughtfully respond to this unique context in a way consistent with the mission of University Health and will incorporate the names of approximately 20,000 donors into the design.

This opportunity is considered DESIGN ONLY, artists are not responsible for fabrication.

A $500 stipend will be awarded to two of three finalists with winner receiving the full award, $30,000.

Artists who are selected as finalists must be willing to have completed all of the requirements and as soon as possible, complete applications, including references to allow for the full vetting to take place.

The turnaround from approval to a mock up proposal to presentation to donors is less than 1 week.
Artist will need to be ready from notification (week of 1/18/21) to focus on this first important deadline.
Budget Description
Project Budget: $30,000

Budget Description:
The budget for this project is $30,000. This budget includes artist fees and all costs associated with the design of the artwork. Please carefully review the selection process and timeline details below.

A $500 stipend will be awarded to two of three finalists with winner receiving the full award, $30,000.
Project Description
The mission of University Health is to improve the good health of the community through high quality compassionate patient care, innovation, education and discovery.
We are leading the way to be one of the nation’s most trusted health institutions. The Women’s & Children’s Hospital will provide much-needed facilities to meet the needs of our growing community and region.

Our patient care will be:
• High quality and compassionate above all,
• Attentive, kind and helpful without exception, and
• Wise in the use of resources.

The vision of University Health’s Salud-Arte: Art of Healing program is to use art to inspire healing, compassion, hope and trust. We also aim to reflect the community, improve the experience of our patients and visitors, and communicate our important mission through art and design enhancements while being good stewards of our financial and natural resources.

The commissioned donor wall glass art for the Women’s & Children’s Hospital lobby will be in keeping with the mission statements above. Please carefully review required materials, selection criteria, and the description of the location provided below.

The artwork is to be prepared in one of the following formats:
• Digitally vectorized artwork saved as either Adobe Illustrator .AI or .EPS format
• Black and white ink drawing saved minimally at 100 DPI, full scale of glass
• 3-tone non-digital renderings saved minimally at 100 DPI, full scale glass

Other technical parameters for successful artwork:
• Use predominantly large, positive and negative areas for the artwork
• Consider the two separate glass locations when reading the artwork from the exterior and work within the proportions of the glass extents indicated.
• Interior views of the artwork are expected to be a more intimate read of the donor names.
• The artist should place their primary attention on the overall design of the artwork and not the layout of the donor names.
• Working with the artist, the design team will take the lead on the donor name layout and creating final production ready artwork.

Additional technical information:
• The artwork will be a composite of approximately 20,000 donor names
• Final names for the campaign will be finalized by May 31, 2021 to allow for final production preparation
• There will be multiple design team meetings with the artist after the commission is awarded to incorporate donor names within the illustration and to ensure quality. The selected artist will
- account for three (3) planning meetings before the final name count is established
- account for three (3) production-focused meetings after the final name count is established
• The letter heights for the donor names are estimated between 1 and 1 1/2 inches tall
• The donor names will be written using the Din font family (UHS primary sans serif brand font)

NOTE: Though the specific donor names will not be provided to applicants prior to selection, all submitted proposals should consider how to artfully incorporate approximately 20,000 donor names within their designs. Proposals that do not account for this element will not be considered.

The following are prompts for creative consideration, but the subject matter is ultimately up to the artist’s interpretation:
• Rivers: healing, connecting, living; as regionally significant to San Antonio
• South Texas culture, flora and fauna
• Maternal relationships
• Family
• Growth
• Connectedness

Artwork must also:
• Exclude illustrations depicting trees as the primary subject matter
• Exclude imagery that has negative cultural associations such as cacti, butterflies, or owls

This artist opportunity is one of several for the new Women’s & Children’s Hospital. The Salud-Arte: Art of Healing program encourages all interested parties to continue to visit in the upcoming weeks for more artist opportunities in design enhancement, site-specific work, and art procurement for our expanding Medical Center campus.
Artwork Goals
University Health and its Salud-Arte: Art of Healing program strive to create and commission artworks that reflect aesthetic and technical quality and foster a welcoming, uplifting environment for healing. The donor wall glass art for the new Women’s & Children’s Hospital lobby will be an aesthetically pleasing focal point for patients, visitors, and staff alike. The artwork must consider the safety of the hospital’s visitors and should be easy to clean and maintain.
Artwork Location Description
Project Location: University Health Campus 4502 Medical Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229

Location Description:
The University Health Foundation is endeavoring its first major capital campaign to support the new Women’s & Children’s Hospital that is already under construction. This hospital will help expand critically important preventative health programs, provide funding for new technologies and therapies to advance care, and improve outcomes for women, babies, and children.

In an effort to embrace the community and welcome anyone who wants to be a part of this investment in our future, the University Health Foundation has created a special funding campaign to honor donors for as little as $25; approximately 20,000 names will be honored. This investment and recognition will be permanently showcased within the hospital lobby’s Grand Staircase in a Glass Donor Wall. Imagine your name, or someone you are honoring or remembering, permanently placed on this iconic glass wall and joining major philanthropists in assuring the success of this transformation hospital.

Our Mission: The University Health Foundation is a lifeline of support to University Health, by inspiring donors to participate in advancing extraordinary and compassionate care to patients, employees and the greater community.

Please review the attached architectural drawings for dimensions of the space.
Site History
University Health is committed to meeting the needs of our growing community to ensure access for all to the high quality, affordable care they need and deserve.
University Health’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital will provide much-needed facilities to meet the needs of our growing community and region. This will be a place where women, children and their families are surrounded with all of the experts and technologies to provide the highest level of compassionate care. It will be the only hospital in South Texas exclusively focused on the unique needs of women and children. And it will be a hospital like no other, where patients will see and feel the difference of care provided by a team who understands that being attentive, kind and helpful without exception is good medicine because:
• care is provided in ways that foster collaboration and communication
• patients and families feel respected
• a caring community is built on empathy, support and compassion
The project is open to all artists and artist teams, 21 years and older, residing in the United States. Professional artists with experience completing projects of similar size and budget are encouraged to apply. Artists will be expected to be proficient in Adobe Illustrator. All applicants, regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality, origin or disability, will be considered. Please carefully review all selection criteria below.
Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5 - 10
Artist Statement: 800 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 800 word maximum
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Proposed Images on Elevation Mockups Document Upload
Selection Information
Selection Process
Submission requirements:
5-10 Images of artwork
3 References
2 Page Resume
Artist statement (800 word maximum)
Letter of interest (800 word maximum)
Proposed Images on Elevation Mockups (combined in single PDF)

Do not send original artwork. Late applications will not be considered.

For technical questions about this RFP or the application process, please contact Crystal Hollis at or at 210-701-0775 (9am - 5pm CST/CDT).

For more information about the new Women’s & Children’s Hospital and University Health’s Salud-Arte: Art of Healing program, please visit

The University Health Art Program Committee will review applications and designs received through this RFP. One design will be selected. Selected artist(s) should expect to commit to at least 3 rounds of revisions that might be requested by architect and design team. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of artistic and technical merit, previous experience, and use of budget. Please carefully review the selection criteria for proposals below.

The Salud-Arte: Art of Healing program strongly discourages artists from mailing or hand-delivering any physical material or samples for the committee’s consideration. Any materials received will not be returned to the artist. The University Health Art Program Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any and all responses received through this RFP, or opt to commission an artist through another process should responses to this RFP prove unsatisfactory.
Selection Criteria
Responses to this RFP will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
• Artistic merit and technical quality of body of work
• Compatibility with the University Health mission and with the goals outlined in this RFP
• Strong professional qualifications and/or experience completing large-scale public artwork and/or comparable design enhancement projects
• Demonstrated ability to work within a given budget and timeframe
• Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse professional team (e.g., with architects, engineers, curators, construction teams, et cetera)
• Affordability of proposed project
• Appropriateness of proposed design, especially as considered within the unique context of the University Health Women’s & Children’s Hospital
• Maintenance requirements of proposed project
• Demonstrated ability to work with Adobe Illustrator

Only artists or artist teams who meet these criteria should apply.

Once selected, the artists:
• Must complete the project to the highest level of quality and be on time.
• Must commit to at least 3 rounds of revisions that might be requested by architect and design team
• Follow and convey the spirit and mission of the Salud-Arte: Art of Healing Program
Due date: [01/17/2021] - close time @ 11pm CST

The following schedule is preliminary and subject to change.
Project opens: November 15, 2020
Deadline for RFP submissions: January 17, 2021
Announcement of selection of artist: week of January 25, 2021
Final edits to proposal due (selected artist only): January 29, 2021
Final donor names confirmed, as coordinated with architect: May 31, 2021
Final design submitted to architect: June 1 - July 31, 2021
Final design submitted to fabricator: August 1 - September 1, 2021
Additional Resources
Call 1C - Attachments and Elevations (PDF)
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