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San Pedro Creek Culture Park Five Panel Mural


Budget: $400,000
Activated: 02/24/2021
Deadline: 03/24/2021
Call Summary
The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority), in partnership with Bexar County, seeks to commission a permanent mural (five panels) for the second segment of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park which is currently under construction. The mural may be rendered in hand-glazed or digitized porcelain tile, glass, ceramic, or stone mosaic tile, or other similar material suitable for the creek environment. The mural will serve as a signature work of art for one of the most culturally significant sections of the park.

The River Authority seeks applications from teams of artists (2-5 members) who will be responsible for the development of a cohesive design for all five panels (approximately 1600 square feet in total). Teams may include artists from multiple disciplines; however, each team must include at least one visual artist.

The selected artist team will be expected to review concepts with the River Authority and Bexar County to ensure that the artwork is appropriate for the site, with a final acceptance subject to approval by Bexar County Commissioners Court, who will become the owner of the artwork.

More information about the San Pedro Creek Culture Park can be found at:
Budget Description
The budget range for this opportunity is $350,000-$400,000. The budget includes: all artist design and project management fees; materials/site research; meetings with design/construction teams; community outreach and historical research; proposal for artwork that includes: project narrative, itemized budget, maintenance plan, renderings and/or other visuals, schedule, and roles and responsibilities for installation; stamped structural engineering drawings (if necessary); all required insurance and permits; materials, fabrication, and installation.

Note: Some elements may be installed by the contractor for convenience depending on the final design of the artwork. However all installation costs will be paid by the art budget.
Project Description
The civil history of San Antonio began with the Presidio de Bexar and Villa de San Fernando, both sustained by the waters of San Pedro Creek. The interweaving of peoples and destinies that formed the foundation of San Antonio and Bexar County, as we know it today, will be the central focus of the mural’s content. To that end, the mural should reference Native Americans, Presidiales, Canary Islanders, Bexarenos/Tejanos, and Texicans.

In addition: In light of recently discovered historically significant foundations, the artwork should also consider the contributions of freed slaves to the development of San Antonio along San Pedro Creek, specifically the African Methodist Episcopal Church community. Research and documentation of this site and its history can be found at: (Archaeological Site 41BX2359).

The mural should be figurative in nature with a narrative approach to the design. The mural will serve as a signature work of art for one of the most culturally significant sections of the park and will continue the storytelling aspect of the park’s design.
Artwork Goals
The artwork commissioned for this site will be a visually impactful work of art for one of the most culturally significant blocks of the culture park. The artwork should:
- Be compelling and aesthetically excellent
- Celebrate the cultural diversity of the creek and its connection to San Antonio’s and Bexar County’s origin stories
- Create excitement and interest from the community and culture park visitors
- Endure the climate of this area, the flooding nature of the creek and a variety of linear park public uses.
Artwork Location Description
This artwork opportunity is located on the east bank of the creek, between Commerce and Dolorosa Streets. This block includes the Spanish Governor’s Palace, City of San Antonio’s Cultural Arts Division main offices and art gallery, and the historic Continental Hotel (built in the 1890’s). Each panel of the mural will be surrounded by low-profile aquatic plantings and dedicated lighting.

The San Pedro Creek Culture Park, located on the western edge of downtown San Antonio, exemplifies beauty with purpose, as it serves as vital infrastructure for a growing downtown. Bexar County and the River Authority, in coordination with the City of San Antonio, have restored San Pedro Creek’s natural environment and created a world-class linear park – with a purpose that goes well beyond just being beautiful and enjoyable. It combines public art, architectural design and historic preservation with engineering, ecosystem restoration and native landscaping.
Site History
The legacy of San Pedro Creek is often overshadowed by the San Antonio River and its world renowned Paseo del Rio, but the creek played a primary and vital role in the history of Bexar County and San Antonio. As the community evolved cultures, languages, values, and religions were interwoven over hundreds of years, and are still evident today. San Pedro Creek touched lives in numerous ways. Revered as a life source (for drinking, abundant flora and fauna, and irrigation), the spring-fed creek provided direction for settlement. The creek eventually ceased to bring lives together and resulted in segregation, emerging as a dividing line between Anglo and Hispanic populations. Returning its healing spirit and embracing its ability to unite the community is part of the creek’s legacy. The San Pedro Creek Culture Park reflects on this rich history, reconstitutes life-giving qualities, and creates a sense of place.

Additional information on the history of the creek, a historical narrative and a mythic narrative are available online at:
The opportunity is open to all professional artists, age 18 and over and residing in Bexar County, regardless of residence, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability. It is not required for all team members to reside in Bexar County, however the lead artist who submits the application must reside in Bexar County.

Application Requirements
Resume: 4 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 10
Letter of Interest: 600 word maximum
The letter should be approximately one page in length and should explain your interest in creating artwork for the San Pedro Creek Culture Park. Please also include a description of your team and the qualities each person brings to the project.
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process
The River Authority is administering the artist selection process for this opportunity, in partnership with Bexar County. The process will occur in two phases. During the first phase, artist teams are invited to submit qualifications through this Request for Qualifications. The River Authority will convene a selection panel made up of art and design professionals and Bexar County representatives to review and evaluate the applications received. The selection panel will then select up to four finalists.

During the second phase, the selected finalists will be asked to submit proposals for which they will each receive a $1,500 honorarium upon delivery of the proposal. The honorarium includes all costs of preparing the proposal. Proposals must detail the finalist’s conceptual approach for artwork at the site and presentations must describe the concept, materials, size, weight, installation requirements, maintenance requirements, and budget. Finalists will be interviewed, and one artist team will be selected for the commission.

A recommendation for approval of the selected artist team will be presented at the subsequent regular meeting of Bexar County Commissioners Court. Once approved, the artist team will contract with the River Authority, the project manager of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park.
Selection Criteria
Artists should demonstrate the following:
1) Experience completing a project of similar scope and scale (project type and budget) (40%)
2) Expressed interest in the way San Pedro Creek influenced the cultural development of San Antonio and Bexar County (30%)
3) Demonstrated knowledge of materials and fabrication methods, and sensitivity to site (20%)
4) Expressed interest in creating a signature work of art for the creek (10%)

(dates may be adjusted at any time)

February 24: Release Request for Qualifications
March 17: Deadline to submit questions
March 24: Applications due
Week of March 29: Application review and selection of finalists
Week of April 5: Construction site visit with finalists
Week of May 3: Finalist interviews
Mid-May: Bexar County Commissioners Court presentation
June – July: Contract negotiation/Design development and coordination with design/construction team
August – November: Artwork fabrication
December: Artwork installation

Spring: Grand opening of Phase 1.2 and dedication of artwork
Additional Resources
Request for Qualifications (PDF)
Addendum for RFQ 00216 (PDF)
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