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Austin Convention Center Warehouse - DEADLINE EXTENDED


Budget: $100,000
Activated: 04/09/2021
Deadline: 06/11/2021
Call Summary
The City of Austin Art in Public Places (AIPP) program of the Cultural Arts Division, Economic Development Department (EDD) seeks to commission an Austin-area visual artist or artist team to design and fabricate a work of public art to be sited on or near the exterior of a new off-site warehouse being built by the Austin Convention Center Department (ACCD).

This opportunity is ideal for experienced muralists, mural groups, and artists working in other 2D disciplines, however, a range of materials and conceptual approaches will be considered.

Artists familiar with the Montopolis community and/or who are intimately connected to the history and heritage of the area are highly encouraged to apply. Multilingual artists and/or artists able to interact with the community in languages other than English are also encouraged to apply. Due to the challenges for maintenance of the artwork, only artwork of substantial durability and low maintenance needs will be considered.

A Virtual Artist Information Meeting was held on 4/29
Watch a recording of the meeting here:

**See the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) PDF in "Additional Resources" below for ADDITIONAL PROJECT DETAILS.**
Budget Description
The total award for the artist contract is $100,000, inclusive of design, fabrication, and installation, including engineering and permitting fees, travel and shipping expenses, insurance, and other project-related costs.
Project Description
To address the need for off-site storage and alleviate event traffic downtown, the Austin Convention Center Department (ACCD) has initiated the construction of a new warehouse and marshalling yard to be sited at the northwest edge of the intersection of U.S. Highway 183 and Texas Highway 71. The complex will be tucked between the Riverside Meadows and Cactus Rose neighborhoods and an existing set of private industrial warehouses. The facility will also be equipped to serve as an emergency shelter during large “Katrina-like” events should the need arise.

The off-site marshalling yard will be located on an undeveloped tract and feature a new 70,000-square-foot building with 5,000 square feet dedicated to administrative space, and another 5,000 square feet meant for shipping and receiving. The administrative office will be put into a node jutting out on the western side of the warehouse. A separate small building on the site will be a lounge for arriving drivers. The warehouse will be positioned away from those neighborhoods and face the connecting highways. Truck traffic will be able to enter the complex from U.S. 183, and exit onto Texas 71.
Artwork Goals
The AIPP program seeks to commission works of art of redeeming quality that advance public understanding of visual art and enhance the aesthetic quality of public places. This can be accomplished through the selection of a qualified artist or artist team who can innovatively and thoughtfully design within the context of this project.
The goal of this project is to create artwork that:
• conceptualizes a strong overall design approach that integrates with the site;
• is consistent with and mindful of the values of the Montopolis community and Austin Convention Center Department;
• inspires curiosity and imagination in a visually appealing way;
• is safe, easily maintained, and vandal-resistant in an exterior environment; and
• Contributes to the depth/breadth of the City of Austin’s public art collection.

Artwork Location Description
A new warehouse and marshalling yard to be sited at the northwest edge of the intersection of U.S. Highway 183 and Texas Highway 71. The complex will be tucked between the Riverside Meadows and Cactus Rose neighborhoods and an existing set of private industrial warehouses.

Measuring approximately 340’ long x 30’ high, the south-facing wall of the warehouse and adjacent entrance corner will be visible from Airport Commerce Drive and provides strong potential for a large-scale mural project. Alternatively, a free-standing artwork located in the open space near the entrance of the building might also be considered. Due to the technical challenges of the site, this opportunity is best suited for artists experienced working large-scale.
Site History
Located in City Council District 3 southeast of Lady Bird Lake, the Montopolis neighborhood was established in 1830 as a separate community southeast of Downtown Austin in south-central Travis County when Jessie C. Tannehill built a casino and laid out a townsite to be originally called "Montopolis", for its location on top of a hill. Prior to its establishment, the area was home to the Native American Tonkawa tribe who lived along the Colorado River that was part of the El Camino Real de los Tejas. After the Civil War, the area became a freedmen's town known as "Montopolis", home to newly freed slaves who worked as sharecroppers. In the early 20th century, the neighborhood saw a large influx of Mexican immigrants. The City of Austin partially annexed Montopolis in 1952 and fully annexed the remainder during the 1970s.
Applicants should meet the following requirements:
• Professional visual artist, or artist team;
• At least 18 years of age; and
• Live in the 7-county Austin metropolitan area (Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Burnet, and Blanco counties).

Full-time, permanent City of Austin employees are ineligible to apply. Employees of the project consultants and sub-consultants are also ineligible to apply. Artists who are under an active contract with the Art in Public Places program at the time of application are ineligible to apply. Applications not meeting all eligibility criteria will be withdrawn from consideration.
Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 1 - 10
Letter of Interest: 700 word maximum
Please provide a Letter of Interest stating what makes you a good fit for this project.
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Demographic Survey: Race/Ethnicity
Demographic Survey: Veteran Status
Demographics Survey: Communities
Demographics Survey: Gender
Demographics Survey: Pronouns
Selection Information
Selection Process
A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be distributed and applications must be submitted through by the deadline. The City of Austin Art in Public Places Panel will convene a selection panel to evaluate the submissions. The selection panel and advisors will review qualifications and select three to five finalists for interviews unless there is consensus on the selection of recommending one applicant and one alternate. The selection panel and advisors will then convene for interviews and select one artist/artist team and one alternate. This recommendation will be presented to the Art in Public Places Panel, the Austin Arts Commission, and the Austin City Council for approval. The approved artist(s) will be put under a design contract to coordinate with the City and project team to develop a final design, which is also subject to approval by the AIPP Panel and the Austin Arts Commission prior to fabrication and installation. Upon approval of the Final Design, the City will execute a commission contract with the Artist for fabrication and installation.
Selection Criteria
The selection of an artist or artist team shall be based on artist qualifications that best meet the requirements contained in this Project Prospectus. The Selection Panel will review and consider the following evaluation criteria:

» Artistic merit and technical expertise;
» Ability to engage the community in which the artwork is being proposed; and
» Demonstrated success completing works of art.
Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)

April Request for Qualifications (RFQ) released
April 29 Artist information meeting
June 10 RFQ closes
June Selection Panel review of applications
Potential Artist interviews and Selection Panel recommendation
July Approval of artist and alternate recommendations by AIPP Panel and Arts
August Request for City Council authority to negotiate contract with Artist
September Execute Design Contract with Selected Artist
AIPP kick-off meeting
October Artist community engagement
Fall 2021 Target Substantial Completion of Warehouse Construction
December Mid-Design review by AIPP Panel

January Final Design approval by AIPP Panel and Arts Commission
February Execute Commission Contract with Selected Artist
March Installation of AIPP Project Begins
May Target Project Completion and Community Dedication Event
Additional Resources
Full Request for Qualifications (PDF)
Contact Information
Curt Gettman
Austin Texas 78701 United States



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