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City of Sugar Land, City Hall Atrium Public Art Project


Budget: $82,200
Activated: 07/11/2019
Deadline: 08/27/2019
Call Summary
Call Summary
The City of Sugar Land desires a hanging atrium artwork that will be installed in City Hall's atrium. This double-vaulted area is high profile and has many visitors each year. This public art project will commemorate the City's 60th Anniversary.
Budget Description
This public art project is budgeted at $82,200 to execute, and includes all aspects of the art installation and necessary engineering drawings, travel, shipping, equipment rental, et al. However, the budget does not include lighting enhancements. Lighting enhancements, if engaged, will be designed, funded and overseen by the City of Sugar Land.
Project Description
Project Description
The City of Sugar Land adopted its first Public Art Public in December 2016. Each year the Public Art Plan calls for the development of an Annual Work Plan and budget. The funding sources for the Public Art Program are restricted for economic development and tourism purposes therefore public art is not funded through general property tax dollars. The Annual Work Plan document is a way of planning for and prioritizing public art projects. For FY19, the Annual Work Plan includes several projects: City Hall Atrium (60th Anniversary), an oral history project with a temporary outdoor exhibition (60th Anniversary), a recycled material temporary project, a bridge enhancement, among others.

City Hall is the symbolic center of Sugar Land and a major focal point of Town Center. The classical architecture became an instant landmark for the City and an expression of the City’s vision for growth and tradition. The main entrance from Town Square Plaza opens into a bright, two-story atrium. The City desires a hanging sculpture be installed in the atrium and take advantage of the dramatic civic space. A light, airy sculpture should speak to Sugar Land’s future vision and become an iconic artwork within one of the city’s most iconic buildings. In commemoration of the City’s 60th anniversary in December 2019, the City will engage in a permanent public art installation in the atrium space.

The adjacent Town Center and Town Square Plaza are some of the highest traffic, popular locations for residents and visitors to spend time. It is highly programed with year-round events. City Hall’s large glass wall looks onto Town Square Plaza therefore the atrium artwork will be visible from the exterior of City Hall.

The project will conduct a public open call to artist in one part, a Request for Proposals. Additionally a Selection Panel will be convened to review all proposals that are accurately submitted, ensuring public engagement and community stakeholders are represented.
Artwork Goals
Create a signature artwork that:
• Commemorates the City’s 60th Anniversary
• Relates to the architectural space, materials, color and light of the atrium,
• Becomes a public art icon for the city, befitting the stature of City Hall, and
• Conveys Sugar Land’s forward-looking attitude.
• Reinforces the connection between public art and Sugar Land’s most important destinations.
• Beautifies the public facility.

Fulfilling Expectations
• This project will fulfill the vision of the Public Art Program by beautifying Sugar Land and building the City’s reputation as an arts and culture destination.
• It will fulfill the mission of the Public Art Program by collaborating with City departments to commission new artworks, and promote a deeper understanding of public art.
• It will fulfill the goals of the Public Art Program by creating a memorable, meaningful place that is a focal point for civic and community life; creating whimsy and delight in an everyday place; and enhancing the appearance of infrastructure, and potentially reflect Sugar Land’s history and heritage.
• It will fulfill City Council’s mid-term priorities of: Building Community: Diverse Cultures, Leisure, Arts (Expand Arts throughout the Community); Develop City Facilities and Venues that Support Community Arts, Events and Festivals.
• It will fulfill City Council Vision 2025 goals, specifically: Goal B, Beautiful Community (Attractive, well-designed and well-maintained public buildings, streetscapes incorporating gateways, public spaces and public art throughout the City); Goal E, Destination Activity Centers (Each destination activity center having positive image and reputation – a sense of place); Goal H, Outstanding Cultural Arts, Educational and Recreational Opportunities (Public art throughout the City); and Goal K, Community Pride in Sugar Land (City working in partnership with residents, community organizations, businesses and other government entities).
Artwork Location Description
City Hall is located at 2700 Town Center Blvd. N. in Sugar Land. The structure was completed in 2004 by Houston firm PGAL (architecture firm) and is an iconic 81,000 square foot, three story building with a plaza for community events and concerts. The classical architectural style is stately in appearance with a limestone and brick façade. The column-lined stair entry includes a copper bell and clock tower vertical element. This formal entryway distinguishes the municipal landmark and reflects the vision of the rapidly growing Sugar Land community. Entering City Hall from the plaza, welcomes visitors to the public facility into the double level, vertical foyer. This open space is ideal for a vertical or aerial artwork installation. The classic interior style is defined by architectural elements such as iconic columns and classical motifs in the casework and cherry paneling. These timeless features set an overall neutral tone for the building that is balanced by color in fabrics and furnishings. All open areas have natural light.
Site History
Within the RFP there are architectural drawings and a 3D drawing of the space where the artwork will hang. The 3D drawing includes hanging points that can be installed for ease of hanging. The hanging points take into consideration the structural engineering of the ceiling, therefore it is strongly encouraged that the artist take advantage of the hanging points when designing their proposal. The City will work with the artist to have these hanging points installed prior to artist's installation.

This project will require sealed engineering drawings for the State of Texas.
• Artists in the United States are eligible to apply. Sugar Land- and Greater Houston-area artists are strongly encouraged to apply.
• Subcontractors may be used and are defined as those providing technical implementation including but not limited to construction, fabrication and/or assembly for portions or all of a finished product under direct supervision and control of an artist.
• Staff members, board members, advisory board members, City Council members and/or family members of City of Sugar Land are ineligible to apply.

Can a Team Apply?
Applicants may apply as a single artist or multi-person collaborative group. If applying as a team, please submit one résumé for the team, and split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Application Requirements
Resume: 3 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 3 - 6
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Visual Illustration of Artwork Proposal Image/Video Upload
Written Description of Artwork Proposal Document Upload
Selection Information
Selection Process
Artist Selection Process
This project will convene a selection panel that will be comprised of four to seven people who represent various stakeholders for the project, as well as art and design professionals. At least one PARCS Advisory Board member shall be on each panel, but PARCS Advisory Board members should not be a majority of the members of a selection panel.

Artists will be recruited through an open competition (Request for Proposals), which is a publicly circulated call to artists in which artists are asked to submit evidence of their qualifications and a Concept Proposal for this specific project. The Selection Panel will review the criteria for artist selection, review artist submissions and make recommendations as to which artist should be selected to execute the project.

Artists should submit a visual representation (rendering, three-dimensional model) and a written description of their concept. The written description should include a discussion of materials and fabrication techniques, expectations regarding site infrastructure needs, a preliminary budget, a timeline and other aspects of the project that are relevant to the decision-making process and outlined in the RFP.

The selection panel will make a recommendation to the PARCS Board or City Management based on its review of the concepts and the artist’s presentation, as well as an artist’s credentials and reference checks, using criteria set out in the Project Plan.

Staff will be respectful of panelists’ time, however all meetings with the selection panel will require in-person attendance.

Selection Panel
Selection panels should be organized to balance the voices of stakeholders, citizens, and arts professionals. To ensure that the fullest range of City residents have the ability to serve on selection panels, residents should be encouraged to register through the City’s resident involvement web site.

Per the Public Art Plan, selection panels should consist of 4-7 people who represent various stakeholders for the project, as well as art and design professionals. At least one PARCS Advisory Board member shall be on each panel, but PARCS Advisory Board members shall not be a majority of the members on a selection panel. The PARCS Advisory Board’s duties include advising the Cultural Arts Manager on the creation of selection panels.

For the City Hall Atrium project, 4-7 panelists are desired with 1-2 members comprising PARCS Advisory Board members. Roles & Responsibilities of selection panelists include:
• Familiarize themselves with the context for the public art opportunity they are considering, including the capital project background and the goals and process for developing the public art component;
• Review artist portfolios and/or concepts, interview artists, as necessitated by the artist selection process for the project;
• Recommend artist selection to the PARCS Advisory Board; and
• Recommend artist concepts or artworks to the PARCS Advisory Board.

The City of Sugar Land’s aerial public art project requires that all proposals be submitted electronically via

Questions should be submitted to no later than 12:00pm on Thursday, August 8, 2019. All questions will be responded to and posted on thereafter.

The deadline for City of Sugar Land’s aerial public art project is Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 10am CST. No late proposals will be considered.

If you have technical issues related to the website or uploading your submission, please contact or call 210-701-0775 (9am - 5pm CST).
Selection Criteria
Evaluation Criteria
The panel will use the following criteria—equally weighted—when reviewing submittals:
• Artistic quality: artists or artist-led teams are of the highest artistic caliber as demonstrated by examples of past work.
• Responsiveness: submittal successfully addresses the overall goals of the project, including creating an inviting space for visitors, siting considerations, and minimal impact to the existing park.
• Demonstrated Technical Abilities: applicants demonstrate that the artist or artist-led team has the necessary capability to accomplish all artistic, technical, budgetary, and engineering aspects of the project and to have the project successfully merge with the space and the architecture.
• Project Management Ability: submittal demonstrates that the artist/artist team has the ability and the capacity to complete the project on a very tight schedule and within budget. Applicants demonstrate their ability to successfully collaborate with the architects and the contractor and sufficient relationships with potential vendors and manufacturers.

Selection Criteria
Criteria used to select artwork include (equally weighted):
• Appropriateness of art to the community,
• Aesthetic quality,
• Site suitability,
• Quality of previous work, and
• Commitment to carrying out the project.
Timeline – Subject to Change
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 10am CST RFP Submission Deadline
Monday, September 9, 2019 OR Thursday, September 12, 2019 at City Hall MEETING: Selection Panel Meeting (Select Artist)
Tuesday, October 8, 2019 MEETING: PARCS Board Review Artist Selection
October 2019 Finalize Artist Contract with Artist Signature
October 2019 MEETING: City Council Review/Approve Artist Contract
Through December 2019 Artist Fabrication Time, negotiable
January 2020 Installation (3-5 day installation, ideally), negotiable
Additional Resources
RFP - COSL, City Hall Atrium Public Art Project (PDF)
City Hall Lobby - Images (DOCX)
City Hall Lobby - Diagrams (PDF)
Questions from Artists (PDF)
Sketchup File (SKP)
Contact Information
City of Sugar Land Public Art Program



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