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Historic Heart & Soul Park, West Palm Beach, Florida


Budget: $120,000
Activated: 06/16/2020
Deadline: 07/28/2020
Call Summary
Historic Heart & Soul Park
The City of West Palm Beach Art in Public Places (“AiPP”) program, and City of West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”) request qualifications from professional artists and/or professional artist teams to design multiple artworks for the newly created Heart & Soul Park in the Historic Northwest District.
Budget Description
$120,000 Total project budget* Budget to be split by multiple artists
All inclusive design, drawings, materials research, travel, community engagement
Shortlisted artists will receive a proposal honorarium and allowance for travel-related expenses.
Project Description
The City of West Palm Beach Art in Public Places (“AiPP”) program, and City of West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”) request qualifications from professional artists and/or professional artist teams to design only artworks for the newly created Heart & Soul Park in the Historic Northwest District. The selected artist(s) and/or team(s) will design artwork that will contribute to the identity and character of the new park. The work should be inspirational, colorful, unique and create a visual identity while paying tribute to the community’s rich history and culture. Multidisciplinary selected artist(s) will collaborate with the residents to develop their design concepts.
Celebrating the Historic Heart & Soul Park as a cultural treasure, rich in history that lays the foundation for future generations to enjoy.
Artwork Goals
o Historic significance: The proposed historic and/or art design(s) are culturally significant and must reflect the aesthetics, history, traditions, diversity and the character of the City or surrounding neighborhood.
o The proposed artwork is of high artistic quality.
o Expressive: The proposed design is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.
Artwork Location Description
A. The Heritage Trail will be a main walking path leading through the park. The design of the trail is meant to “tell the story” of this neighborhood. Opportunities include large tiles that may be etched with visual and written historical stories. See dimensions on site map.
B. Undulating Walls within the park. The walls will often form into functional benches. Opportunity for paint, mosaics, or the integration of both media.
C. Gateway Walls. Concrete walls shaped into “guardian” sculptural forms at each corner of the park the addition of design elements may be integrated.
D. Monumental Signs will be located at the four corners of the park and will be incorporated into the four gateway walls. The design for the wall is like a shadow lantern. Opportunity for custom laser cut metal panels.
Site History
The Historic Northwest District was established in the 1890’s when the African American community moved west from the Styx in Palm Beach to West Palm Beach (“City”). The neighborhood became the first segregated black community in the City. The neighborhood is anchored by an iconic historic jazz club, the Sunset Cocktail Lounge (“Sunset Lounge”), which was built in 1923. The Sunset Lounge was part of a string of nightclubs designated as safe and welcoming for African American performers during the era of segregation. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Sunset Lounge is still in operation and is undergoing an extensive redevelopment transforming it into the epicenter for African-American cultural tourism.
A 2002 report by Stull and Lee, Inc., a Boston consulting company, identified the need for additional open recreational space in the Historic Northwest District with the goal of creating a place of unity, in which residents and visitors would feel a sense of attachment and responsibility. In addition, the report suggested an open space that has a unique character, and which would be a place for safe and memorable human interaction and which advances the cultural significance of the surrounding neighborhood. Anchored by the Sunset Lounge, the newly developed Historic Heart & Soul Park plays a significant role in providing accessible public space for all generations to enjoy and take pride in.
Open to professional visual artists or artist-led teams based in South Florida (Martin, Palm Beach, Broward or Dade Counties). Organizations, architectural and engineering firms, design (non-public art) firms, galleries and public art consultants are not eligible.
Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 1 - 10
Artist Statement: 500 word maximum
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Additional Requirements
Agreement Agreement/Certification
Selection Information
Selection Process
Qualification Review
City staff will preview submissions for completeness and compliance with qualification requirements. Staff may reject incomplete applications or non-qualified or non-responsive submissions.

It is anticipated that a sub-committee of key stakeholders from the local community will review applications and give feedback to the City’s AiPP Committee. It is also anticipated that the AiPP Committee will shortlist artists. Shortlisted artists will receive a proposal honorarium and allowance for travel-related expenses and will be invited to attend a site visit and artist orientation meeting. The AiPP Committee will make a recommendation for final approval to the City Commission.
Selection Criteria
a) Complies. The proposed art conforms to the definition of art contained in this article and will be created by an artist as defined in this article.
b) Master plan. The proposed art meets the typologies and qualities described in the art in public places master plan.
c) Historic significance. The proposed historic element is historically important, reflects the history of the city or the character of the surrounding neighborhood.
d) Cultural significance. The proposed element is culturally significant and reflects the aesthetic and cultural traditions and diversity of the city or the surrounding neighborhood.
e) Visual accessibility. The proposed art/element will be readily visible to the public and meet the location requirements of this article.
f) Quality. The proposed artist is professionally recognized in the medium and the proposed art/element is of quality and enduring value.
g) Appropriateness to site. The proposed art/element is of design, scale and material appropriate scale to the site.
h) Compatibility. The proposed art/element is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.
i) Public welfare. The proposed art/element is not detrimental to the public welfare and will not constitute a safety hazard. Complies with public accessibility requirements, if applicable.
j) Maintenance. The proposed art/element will not require extraordinary maintenance and the maintenance plan addresses vandalism, weathering, and the life of the artwork.
k) Location . The proposed location of the art and/ or element(s) is in an exterior place and is appropriate to accommodate the size and scale of the proposed art and/or elements(s), has or can reasonably accommodate any necessary supporting infrastructure, is in compliance with applicable City Code requirements such as visibility triangle, and complies with the locations identified in the art in public places master plan.
Call to Artists Released and Promoted June 16, 2020
Application deadline July 28, 2020
Sub-committee review TBD
AiPP Committee review and selection of short-listed artists Anticipated August 2020
Short-list artists presentations and finalist recommendations Anticipated early October, 2020
City Commission – Final approval January 2021
Selected artists -Notice to proceed Early February 2021
Artist – Design phase completion Mid-Spring 2021
Artists Fabrication and final installment Summer/Fall 2021
Additional Resources
Overview of design - Heart & Soul Park (JPG)
Identified Areas for artworks (PDF)
Call to Artists RFQ (PDF)
Contact Information
Sybille Welter
Administrator of Public Art and Culture
401 Clematis Street
West Palm beach FL 33401 United States



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