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Exterior Plaza Sculpture, Alamo Colleges District, Northeast Lakeview College, San Antonio, TX


Budget: $80,000
Activated: 07/30/2021
Deadline: 09/06/2021
Call Summary
Northeast Lakeview College seeks an established artist or artist team to share qualifications to design, fabricate and install a monumental, vertical exterior sculpture for a new STEM building green space, entry point. This exterior grass common area is a central focal and gathering location that physically relates to the Organic Laboratory wing by its proximity. This is a prime location for a creative and interpretive artwork relating to the theme of the building. This will be an area which allows someone to sit as they are waiting to be picked up or after they are dropped off.

The commissioned design should thoughtfully respond to this academic community and align with the mission and vision of the Alamo Colleges District.
Budget Description
Budget is $80,000; turnkey. Artist will need to have insurance and the ability to safely install the work with the oversight of the construction team. This budget includes all artists fees and costs associated with the design of the artwork.
Project Description
“The vision of the Art Program for Northeast Lakeview College STEM campus is to reflect and encourage creative collaborations through artwork into our built environment. We encourage artwork in all permanent and sustainable media that celebrate and champion curiosity, creativity, and the powers of inquiry, observation, and investigation. We hope these artworks will integrate effectively into classes and meeting rooms, and public areas while encouraging dialogue between multiple disciplines of learning and engagement into new areas of discovery.”
Artwork Goals
Artwork should be of the highest technical quality and be fabricated from safe and durable materials. The piece will be vetted for any safety issues concerning placement and circulation of movement.

• Size of the piece is approximately 12’-14’ in height and 3.5’ wide. Plinth would be 6’x 6’in diameter.
• Sculpture should be no heavier than 2,500 lbs. and anchored securely to its base.
• The artwork should be able to hold up with strong integrity against direct sun, wind, all weather and not need conservation for at least 5-10 years.
• Safety for all who approach the work is a priority, including children.
• Surface needs to be durable and sealed to protect against graffiti or scratching.
• This is a piece that needs to relate well to not only the built environment but the STEM disciplines within the building.
• There could be an interactive component integrated into the piece that is safe to touch, kinetic or provide the ability to sit within it or possibly on base.
• Maximizes the signature location as students and faculty enter the building.

The artist or artist team selected for this project will be expected to propose a design that:
• reflects the diversity of the community,
• aesthetically relates to the new building,
• utilizes the presence of natural light and work to coordinate the built lighting to highlight art piece at night,
• is easy to do preventive maintenance in later years,
• is a piece that will hold up to strong natural UV light and not fade in color or form.

Ideas for incorporation in art calls:

• Particle accelerators/ when particles collide
• Quantum Dots
• The electromagnetic spectrum
• Lichtenberg figures
• Barton’s pendulums
• Space in general/astronomy
• Electric/magnetic fields
• Projectile motion

• Periodic Table and electron shells periodic trends/ ionization energy/ atomic size/ electronegativity
• Atomic orbitals
• Spelling out words with Elements
• Close up chemical reaction/Crystal formation
• Microscopic view of reactions
• Individual chemicals/molecular geometry

• Crystal Forms and Geodes
• Igneous/Metamorphic/Sedimentary rock (rock Cycle)
• Instruction through art
• Geology Rocks! Display space for specimens
• Fossil forms
• Mountains and other basic geological formations (sedimentary folds)
• Solar system
• Plate Tectonics

• TEXAS A&M Zachry building art (data usage in the building sculpture)(
• Interactivity
• Fractals and pixilations

• Circuit boards
• Wave Pools
• Standing waves
• Geometric forms
• Mechanics and machines
Artwork Location Description
NE corner of STEM building, Organic Laboratory front drop off area and green space. Please note: 3.5’ no-entry bollards are located at the edge of the drive.
This call is open to artists 21 years or older residing in Texas. Artists must demonstrate other professional completions and references. Attention to detail, timeline and budget essential.

Media: Artists can look at working with steel, aluminum, dichroic glass, stone, ceramic tile and reclaimed materials.

Artist should have experience to complete this project through (AUTOCAD 2019) design, fabrication and installation phases.
Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 5 - 10
Artist Statement: 800 word maximum
Letter of Interest: 800 word maximum
References: 3
Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.
Selection Information
Selection Process
Northeast Lakeview College will review the short list and select three finalists to move forward with a design or present a proposal. Proposals will be reviewed for selection by the NLC Art Committee. Finalists will receive a $500 for their proposal and the winner the award of $80,000. Award is turnkey.
Selection Criteria
RFQ will be evaluated in these areas:
• Artistic merit and technical quality of the body of work
• Strong. verifiable professional qualifications and/or experience completing large scale sculpture/public works.
• Proficiency in AUTOCAD 2019.
• Demonstrated ability to work on time, on budget.
• Compatibility with the mission of Northeast Lakeview College and Alamo Colleges District.

Technical parameters for a successful artwork:
• Digital rendering of how artwork will look in space
• Use colors, themes or forms that relate and compliment a STEM facilities values and discipline principles.
• Artists should have a proficiency in a variety of technical areas and be able to convey clearly how artwork will be integrated into the space.
• Artist should be willing to work with design team and make revisions as requested.
• Artist should be able to safely install the work with a rig or lift and have the technical knowledge therein to safely complete.
• Call will open on July 30, 2021
• Call closes on Monday, September 6th, at 10:59PM CST. Applications are time stamped. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
• Finalists will be notified mid-September 2021, and will have 4 weeks to complete and submit proposals.
• Artist will be selected by end of October and begin work by November 1st, 2021.
• Completion of building and installation, August 15th, 2022.
Additional Resources
STEM Art Placement as of 7/2/21 (PDF)
En Español (PDF)
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