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Currently Listed Calls
Luminaria 2015  
Republic Square Park Phase II Improvements, Austin, TX $105,000
TEMPO-Temporary Art in Austin, TX $3,000
Call for Artists - The Cedarhurst Center for the Arts  
City of Hayward, 21st Century Library & Community Learning Center Project, CA $323,000
Illuminate, Sculptural Lighting, Jeffersonville, Indiana $55,000
Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, Tampa, FL $1,000,000
Nebraska History Museum, Nebraska State Historical Society (Lincoln, NE), 1% for Arts Public Art Opp $46,000
Public Art Projects for the East Market Street – NuLu Streetscape, Louisville, KY $250,000
Rawls College of Business Public Art RFQ (Texas Tech University) $142,000
Request for Expression of Interest for Provincetown AIDS Memorial $50,000
Rowan University Engineering Building Exterior, NJ $80,000
Rowan University Engineering Building Interior, NJ $150,000
Swimming Pool Art, Newport, Oregon $65,000
University of Iowa Seamans Center South Annex Addition RFQ $165,000
USU Brigham City - Utah Public Art Program $62,500