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Currently Listed Calls
Luminaria 2015  
AIR at MoHA  
Alaska State Council on the Arts: AVTEC Applied Tech Campus $95,000
Ballpark of The Palm Beaches Integrated Public Art, West Palm Beach, FL $800,000
Call for Artists - The Cedarhurst Center for the Arts  
City of Chicago Greater Grand Crossing Branch Library, IL $44,335
EastMain Park and Plaza Site, Parker, CO $100,000
Emeryville Center of Community Life Public Art, CA $150,000
Honolulu MOCA Art in City Buildings for Walanae Police Station Replacement, HI $70,000
Indoor suspended work of art at the Vail Village Welcome Center, CO $25,000
King County, WA + Cubix - Fremont: Public Art $150,000
MoHA Summer Residency Program  
Murphy Road & Third Street Roundabout in Bend, Oregon $100,000
Nebraska History Museum, Nebraska State Historical Society (Lincoln, NE), 1% for Arts Public Art Opp $46,000
Public Art at the Vail Skatepark, Vail, Colorado $50,000
Recreation Center Expansion, Parker, CO $40,000
Reed Market & 15th Street Roundabout in Bend, Oregon $100,000
RTD I-225 Rail Line 13th Avenue, Denver, CO $100,000
RTD I-225 Rail Line 2nd and Abilene Station, Denver, CO $100,000
RTD I-225 Rail Line Medical Center of Aurora/Florida Station, Aurora, CO $85,000
Salt Lake City, UT: Regent Street RFQ $2,000,000
Swimming Pool Art, Newport, Oregon $65,000
Tampa Riverwalk – Doyle Carlton Segment, FL $300,000
Texas Tech College of Human Sciences Public Art RFQ $89,000
The University of Kearney Health Science Education/University of Nebraska Medical Center Building $125,000
Urban Farm Environmental Public Art Project, Washington, DC $120,000
Vista Grande 2-Part Sculpture, Albuquereque, NM $120,000