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Currently Listed Calls
Austin Convention Center Garage Exterior, Texas $74,000
New Honors Residence Hall Public Art, Lubbock, Texas $287,000
1% for Art Public Art Project, Carhart Science Building, Lincoln, NE $37,000
1% for Art Public Art, Conn Library, Wayne State College, Lincoln, NE $100,000
Art in the Parks - Summer 2016 Call for Artists, Ames, Iowa $25,000
Austin Fire Department Artist-in-Residence, Texas $36,000
Call for Public Art Qualifications Portable Artworks Collection, San Antonio, Texas  
Downtown Parking Deck, Cary, NC $130,000
Eastside Regional Park Plaza, El Paso, Texas $205,000
Eight Street Traffic Box, Odessa, TX $4,000
Martin Luther King Older Adult Learning Center, Philadelphia, PA $40,000
Native American Heritage Mural, Billings, MT $10,000
Open Call for the 2016-17 ZERO1 American Arts Incubator $7,000
Public Sculpture, Turners Falls, MA $6,000
Shivaji Competition: Islands, Deltas and Rising Seas, Captiva Island, Florida $1,000
TEMPO - Temporary Public Art in Austin, Texas $10,000
The Interior of the Intermodal Transportation Hub in Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $55,000
The Waverly Branch Library, Baltimore, MD  
UF212 Newell Hall Renovation Art in State Buildings, Florida $50,000
Valley Line Churchill Station Connector, City of Edmonton, Canada $136,928
Valley Line Davies Ramp at 83 Street, City of Edmonton, Canada $136,936
Valley Line Davies Station, City of Edmonton, Canada $178,830