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Currently Listed Calls
2016 CODAawards  
Call for Public Art Qualifications Portable Artworks Collection, San Antonio, Texas  
City of Napa, Dwight H. Murray Plaza Public Art Project $200,000
City of Reno, NV Virginia Lake Public Art Call $50,000
City of Spokane Tree Grate Design Competition $1,000
East Mesa Public Safety Project (EMPS), Las Cruces, NM $28,000
Industrial Engineering Relocation Public Art $33,500
Outdoor Public Art in City Park, Ohio $50,000
Outposts Sculpture, Albuquerque, NM $100,000
Parking Plaza Lobby Stair, San Diego International Airport $550,000
Request for Qualifications: Exterior Sculpture at Southwest Police Station $200,000
Santa Cruz Recycled Art Program (SCRAP) $750
Sports Performance Center Public Art $450,000